TransUnion Welcomes Heather Russell as its Chief Legal Officer

Heather Russell has been appointed as the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer by TransUnion. Heather Russell has vast experience in global finance and has been in the industry for over two decades. He has over the years gained experience in financial sectors such as data privacy and security, consumer financial services, merger and acquisition and regulatory finance. Russell will take her new position on June 4 and will be responsible for all legal and corporate governance functions of TransUnion. She will be reporting directly to TransUnion’s President and CEO, Jim Peck.

Speaking on the new appointment, Peck said that Russell has excellent skills and expertise that TransUnion needs. “We are happy to welcome Heather Russell to our company because we believe she has what it takes to transform the leadership agenda of TransUnion. I am confident that her skills and expertise will help in accelerating the company’s growth strategy” said Peck. He added that TransUnion is on the lead in providing information solutions to businesses.

Prior to her appointment, Heather Russell was working at Buckley Sandler, LLP law firm where she was the head of the company’s financial institutions, fintech practices as well as supervision. Russell also worked at the Fifth Third Bank as the Chief Legal Officer and corporate secretary before joining Buckley Sandler, LLP. She has also previously worked as a Senior Vice President at the Bank of America. She has generally worked with high ranking financial institution around the country and therefore brings a lot of experience to TransUnion.

TransUnion Believes that information is power. The company’s main objective is to come up with innovative ways through which businesses and individuals can make informed decisions. The company has been in operation for several years and has been on the forefront in providing real-time solutions to its clients across the country. Follow Russell on Facebook today.


Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner Sets the Right Trend in Real Estate

Learning how to network effectively in real estate is one fundamental factor when it comes to landing clients. After all, creating entrepreneurial networks has often led business professionals to launching successful ventures. Therefore, when looking at how real estate moguls have used their networking platforms to delve into major deals, then Hussain Sajwani is one such individual that should catch your eyes often. Having grown a real estate empire from scratch, Sajwani the DAMAC owner is now one of the wealthiest real estate entrepreneurs thanks to his ability to travel frequently and work with high-profile business professionals.

Introducing Hussain Sajwani

Mr. Hussain Sajwani was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch. The interview focused on his early life and how he grew up into becoming one of the world’s wealthiest business professionals. Asked how he ventured into the business that shaped his career in the long run, Sajwani does not hesitate to narrate his life story. He goes on to say that he was born to caring parents who put in a lot of work to making sure that he was comfortable enough while growing up. Although his father only owned a retail shop that sold a few items that were imported from China, Sajwani received support from the point of being mentored to become a professional businessman. However, he had different interests to pursue a formal education and later a career of his choice. Therefore, Sajwani joined a school in Baghdad where he capitalized in medicine.

Starting School in the United States of America

The DAMAC owner changed his mind about pursuing medicine and moved to America in search of more rewarding opportunities. While there, he joined the Washington University and studied Economics and Industrial Engineering. At the same time, he aspired to join the career industry after graduating from school. Luckily, he was smart enough to score impressive grades that contributed to his appointment at GASCO Company. Shortly after serving at GASCO Company, he started a food catering business that thrived in excellent leadership. Sajwani the DAMAC owner decided to start another business. This time, he was into real estate. That is how DAMAC Properties was born in 2002. Until now, it is Dubai’s leading real estate property developer and Hussain Sajwani has been in charge all along.

The Success of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has over the years developed residential and commercial properties across different cities with Dubai and the Middle East being the leading areas. Perhaps the company has been overly successful because of Hussain’s ability to create strong entrepreneurial networks with the likes of President Donald Trump with whom he shares business ideas often.

The Overview

Sajwani is evidently an ambitious man who strives to deliver the best he can within the provided time frame. Other than that, he uses his entrepreneurial networks to grow his business.

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Currently serving as the President of OSI International Foods, Chairperson, and CEO of OSI Group company,  Sheldon Lavin has high profile in food processing Industry coming from humble beginnings to managing one of the world’s leading Food processing company. Since the year 1970, Sheldon Lavin has acquired a lot of knowledge regarding the industry as he was working as an investment consultant for Otto and Sons and playing a significant role in capitalization efforts of the company. In 1975, Sheldon was asked to join the company as a Partner of Otto and Sons as they were in their retirement years and the company was expanding internationally, and at the same time, it was transitioning. The company then rebranded to OSI Group.

OSI Group rapidly developed from a domestic food processing company to a worldwide industry pioneer, and currently has over sixty locations crosswise over sixty different nations. Sheldon Lavin has made OSI Group to be recognized on the International scene. The company has created job opportunities as it has employed over 20,000 employees in its various facilities across the globe. Mr.Lavin was committed to the prosperity of the company and its many members of staff. His incredible work ethic was noticed and on February 20, 2016, Sheldon Lavin was presented a prestigious award(Global Visionary Award) by India’s Vision World Academy.

The OSI Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Lavin has been involved in various buyouts, acquisition and joint ventures that have aided in the company’s expansion. In 2013, a certified processing plant for production of beef was set up online in Poland. In 2016, OSI Group acquired a stake in Baho Food, a Dutch producer of meat and other food products who operated in Netherlands and Germany. The same year, U.K- based Flagship Europe was purchased and later rebranded to Creative Foods in Europe. OSI Group also bought a processing plant based in Chicago from Tyson Foods to increase their growth capacity and product diversification.

OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon has received some awards concerning their environmental efforts. These awards include The 2016 California Green Business Award, The 2016 Globe of Honour from the BSC(British Safety Council), and 2018 Environmental Recognition Award from NAMI(North American Meat Institute). All these efforts are directed on the sustainability, reducing environmental impacts of modern food production and promoting a sustainable supply chain.

Apart from work, Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist who has been involved in various charitable causes such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Giving back to the community, his relationship with his family, and career is among the things that Sheldon is proud to have accomplished.

About Sheldon Lavin :

HCR Wealth Advisors: Tips on Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that gives financial advice to individuals, private companies, and corporations. One of the topics that this company provides advice on concerns retirement. In a recent article on its website, the firm captured various aspects that many people ignore concerning retirement. Some of the crucial points about retirement that they highlighted include the following:

  1. Retirement brings change. Many people overlook the fact that retirement brings about a change in the lifestyle of the individual. There is a change of schedule and activities that one used to engage in. It is crucial to be well prepared for this transition as it can catch many people unaware. HCR Wealth Advisors insists that when preparing for retirement, it is essential to put the idea of change, and its effects, into consideration. This is because many people are unable to accept the change or they take so long to adapt.
  1. Career development. For most people, retirement means that the end of working has come. Many choose to stay at their homes and engage in a less taxing lifestyle. However, HCR Wealth Advisors cautions against this. The firm advises retirees to engage at least in activities such as hobbies that can help keep one busy and productive, and even make some income as well. Retirement can be boring when one is not doing anything that is constructive. It is, therefore, essential to keep busy at all times.
  1. Personal development. There are many things that you may have wanted to do during the working years but couldn’t because of limited time. After retirement, this is the most appropriate time to try out these activities. But in retirement you are no longer limited by time.
  1. Body wellness. At the time of retirement, the body is vulnerable to numerous ailments. As mentioned by HCR Wealth Advisors to Glassdoor, it is good to take care of your well-being than before. You can do this by eating healthy foods and engaging in physical exercise regularly. When you keep healthy, you have a chance of living a productive life during this period when your body healthy is prone to deterioration.

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The Achievements Of Gregory Aziz At National Steel Car To The Economic Sector

Gregory James Aziz is accomplished his degree cause in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Because of him being specialized in the field of economics, he was able to handle matters concerning social sciences including management and good relationship with the customers because he was in a position of studying their tastes in consumptions and also what they preferred.Greg Aziz did not waste his time, and his urge in the field made him work with his family in matters dealing with business.


1He used his skills obtained during his training at the university and applied it to that field of activity that later resulted in the success of the company. His experience made the family business to be the top among other business. This success did not make Greg J Aziz stop at this point. He further on went to work in bank sectors where he was able to have some investment. Working in bank enabled him to own the National Steel Car as his enterprise. Being an economist, he finds it easy to manage the company because he had several experiences obtained from where he started from education and working experience as an entrepreneur and investor.


At the National Steel Car, he worked under specific goals, policies, standards and core value to for the best of the company and the members. Proper management, teamwork, and specialized engineering abilities helped National Steel Car to come out being the best as compared to others. Studying what customers preferred and working towards it made the company ranked best since then till now. The National Steel Car deals with manufacturing of freight cars. Freight car manufacturing is not only done by National Steel Car company, but also other companies perform the same duties. Greg Aziz learned about how to become competitive in the market, and one of them is product differentiation.


Aziz’s products were well designed in its unique way, and this is one of the primary reasons as to the way it was able to penetrate the competitive market controlled by forces of demand and supply. This increase in need of his products which are cars had a positive impact in that it leads to the creation of more job opportunities on that he was able to employ more workers to increase supply and in so doing he contributed to economic growth by opening job opportunities and contributing to Gross Domestic Product of a country. Currently, at the company, he is the Chief executive officer, the president and the chairman of the company. Find Related Information Here.

Gregory Aziz and The Masterful Business Skills He Has To Lead National Steel Car

When leaders actively acquire all the skills and values needed to succeed in their ventures, they stay long in business. They survive the fluctuations of the economic market. They withstand the competion. Most of all, they find ways to innovate, generate new ideas and improve their products and services. Gregory James Aziz is still the President of National Steel Car mainly because of this and because he always strives to acquire more skills and necessary business attitudes to stay in the game.


What most people don’t know too much about Gregory J Aziz is the fact that his role as Chairman and CEO of his company requires him to actually be always ahead of the game. He has to adapt to the changes in the global economic conditions today and get the grip on the additional requirements for his company to grow amidst strong competition.


Aziz also understands the value of always staying on top and making sure that the engineering foundation of his company is robust. He can’t afford incompetence. His company, which is located in Ontario, always has to have the right competent workforce who believes in the save values as he does, and delivers on what they promised their clients. Visit This Page for additional information.


The 100 years of strong history of National Steel Car would remind us that it is an excellent company. Most of what contributes to the 100 years of existence of National Steel Car may have a lot to do with the way that Aziz consistently monitors the production of the railroad freight cars that they deliver all over the globe. Being also based in North America means that National Steel Car has the advantage to have all the right networks to know where they should go next in their programs and strategies.


An added bonus to the strength of National Steel Car with the help of Aziz is the the fact that it just recently won the TTX SECO award, which it has consistently done. In the world of competitive global business, a company can’t just wing it and hope for the best. The companies can’t just be adequate and feel that their best is enough.


The awards that the companies have gained would be a solid and almost necessary attribute so the company can find what to focus on to improve its operations. The fact, then, that National Steel Car has been the only railroad-production company that has been certified with the ISO 9001:2008 would mean that there’s so much admiration from the business environment for what the company has been doing all these years.

The Inspiring Business Legend: Vinod Gupta

The main aim of starting a business is to make and maximize the profits from the capital employed. Successful entrepreneurs have unique characteristics that enable them to create a competitive advantage in the market. A good entrepreneur is always willing to take risks which they find to have a good income potential. Some may start businesses in places considered as risky to operate in, they also believe that their success is mainly because of their personal efforts. The entrepreneurs are often motivated to start businesses by some factors such as the need to have financial freedom.

Vinod Gupta was born in a humble family, there were poor social amenities in the area. The family background did not stop him from achieving Vinod’s full potential, he did not give up and this serves as a good inspiration to millions of people around the world. Many people shy away from starting businesses due to their family backgrounds and the areas in which they are raised. Many experts’ advice people to start businesses even with a low amount of capital. Successful entrepreneurs are patient, some start businesses from a small scale and after some time they build their business to become one of the best.

Vinod Gupta excelled in his education, he attended recognized institutions of higher learning where he graduated. In his university education, he specialized in agricultural engineering and this has been instrumental in his success. Vinod Gupta later advanced his business skills by enrolling for a master’s degree in Business Administration. He started from a low-level job where after years of handwork rose up the ranks to become part of the executive of successful organizations.

Apart from doing business, Vinod Gupta believes in taking part in social responsibility, he has been helping to uplift the living standards of people who are in need. He has made a lot of donations to help in various charitable activities.

He established the Ben Gupta Endowed Fund for International Legal Education. This was named after his son. This scholarship helps students in developing countries to get degrees in JD or LLM as well as those that want to go to law school. Go To This Page for related information.

A good entrepreneur is able to identify the needs in the society and finding the solutions to the problems. Vinod Gupta was able to identify some problems in the society and his passion to help people was exhibited when he started businesses. He has been able to help a lot of people both directly and indirectly, for example, he has created a lot of job opportunities.

Today, Mr. Gupta oversees Focus Group, which is a company, which offers venture capital for database technology startups and acquires struggling businesses to make them profitable. Perhaps, the mission of the Focus Group revolves around the vision of Mr. Gupta who wants to extend helping hand to new entrepreneurs, who have an idea just like Mr. Gupta. Unlike the early years of Mr. Gupta, these new entrepreneurs will have a sponsor in the form of Focus Group.


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José Auriemo Neto : Forging Ahead Brazil’s High End Real Estate Market!

In the Brazilian real estate market, the renowned JHSF is highly acknowledged among their constituents in the market, for having the capability and size to take on high-level contracts. These include large shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, airports, corporations and other architectural projects. Brazilian businessman José Auriemo Neto resides as the current chief executive officer and chairman of the company since 2003. Along with hard work and a highly developed commerce acumen, Neto has furthered the growth of the company since his transition to it, to have a worth of over approximately one billion dollars. JHSF was established in 1972 by Jose Auriemo Neto’s father. Neto, after being hired, quickly soared up the companies ranks for his ability to predict exceptional real estate prospects that most wouldn’t see much opportunity in. Unlike some developing companies in the trade who fails to use and employ sustainable building and environmentally suitable practices, JHSF thrives and is considered elite with regard to workmanship and problem elucidating abilities.

To name just a few of their grandest venture accounts that JHSF operated for is the Catarina Executive Airport, the Catarina Fashion Outlet Shopping mall, the Tucuruvuri Metro, the Beautiful View Center in Salvador, the Black Tip Shopping Center in Manaus and the City Garden Center. JHSF conducts business in four different regions worldwide including America, Uruguay and their home headquarters of Brazil. They have been most notably recognized with many awards and accolades for their sustainability practices including the highly prized “Aqua Sustainable Construction Seal” and the “Pinni Award.” JHSF’s philanthropy works are just as impressive with their contributions and involvement in the educational and health care system including Abrace, which is the Brazilian Association for Special Care Adolescents and Children. JHSF commandeers every opportunity to employ the most innovative practices in the trade.

Brian Torchin Helping to Raise the Standard of Healthcare through Provision of Staffing Services

Brian Torchin is the founder and owner of HCRC Staffing and also practices as a Chiropractor. Torchin Journey to the field of medicine and healing began way back while he was still in college at the University of Delaware.

Brian Torchin has a rich educational background; he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware and also holds a Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College.

After graduation, however, Torchin realized the journey to finding a job was not that easy, and as a result, he developed a passion for helping thousand of graduates in getting jobs and also assists hospitals and other industry players in getting the right personnel to fill the vacancies available in their institutions. Torchin formed HCRC Staffing which serves as a resource for healthcare professionals and staffing agencies.

Torchin currently serves as the president of HCRC Staffing but also practices medicine as well. HCRC Staffing over the years has grown to be one of the largest staffing agencies in the healthcare industry in the US.

HCRC has turned out to be one of the most sought-after staffing agencies and has over 50 offices all of which are spread across the US and also maintains other offices in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia. The agency is committed to connecting quality workers who have highly been trained to work in good hospitals. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Moreover, the agency aims at creating a beneficial relationship that will provide better opportunities for qualified and talented doctors and as a result raise the standards of patient care in medical institutions.

Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin work of helping raise the standards of healthcare has earned him recognition from other professionals in the field including the media outlets that have highlighted his immense contribution to the healthcare industry. Some of the media outlets that have featured Torchin include, Topix, and among others all of which are highlighting Torchin’s achievements and contributions into the healthcare industry.

Brian Torchin is also an active user of social media and commands a huge following. Torchin maintains a Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and accounts where he updates posts on current issues in the healthcare industry including job vacancies.

David McDonalds: Helping OSI Group to Navigate the Chinese Growing Market

David McDonald, president of OSI Group, is not a greenhorn in international marketing, particularly in regards to the processed food market. As the head of a firm that serves food products to people from almost every corner of the world, David understands exactly what is meant by diversity. This is because of the customer preference for the Chinese, for example, is very different from the food preferences of Americans or Europeans. As such, he has led OSI in setting-up local processing plants in different countries, with the aim of meeting the varied and diverse demand. On top of that, David knows that the marketing strategies may vary from one country or locality to another. To address this, he has established local marketing, management, and customer service teams in different parts of the world. They are all controlled at the top but have different approaches to marketing.

Serving the American Market

Based in Aurora, Ill., OSI Group has a history of serving the region with processed protein foods for over a century now. The company started as a small family-owned meat shop in the area and out of serving the residents with commitment and a good reputation, the company grew to become the largest food supply company in the whole country. In the end, OSI was able to break into the international market and has since built, acquired, and established more than 50 facilities in 17 countries.

Increasing Operations in China

China is one of the largest food markets in the world and forms an integral part of OSI Group’s agenda. According to David McDonald, China boasts of not only a huge population but also a fairly affluent citizenry. As such, he believes that the Asian country presents his company a good platform to grow both in size and in finances. For the last 20 years, OSI has made huge investments in the country, with plans to open the 10th processing plant underway.

With the poultry consumption levels in China scaling upwards in the recent past, OSI Group has taken a handful of strategic steps to ensure that it taps into the untapped potential. The company, in conjunction with DOYOO Group, recently opened a poultry processing firm in Zhoukou. The plant, DaOSI, has a client base comprising of McDonald’s, Yum, Starbucks, Saizeriya.

As part of his duties at OSI Group, David has now overseen the growth of the company’s capacity to process chicken products increase. Cumulatively from across the world, the company manufacture not less than 22,000 tons of chicken annually.

About OSI Group: