Erik Lefkosky: Using Data and Algorithms to Help Cancer Patients

In 2015 Erik Lefkosky co-founded Tempus, a technology company that seems to consolidate health information of cancer patients. With that information, Lefkosky hopes to make that data useful and accessible to other physicians so they can learn from the data as well. The aim of this is to provide more information so that doctors can make better decisions for their patients in terms of treatments and diagnoses. Tempus collects the date, cleans it up, and makes it useful by analyzing it for algorithms and patterns. Tempus is rapidly becoming one of the most well known medical tech companies and has partnered with several medical organizations that aim to improve cancer outcomes and diagnoses. Those companies send their data to Tempus for analysis and Tempus sends that data back in the form of a report. Once that is completed, the doctors will have access to teh Tempus data which may help them in diagnosing their own patients. One of the ways this is done is by genomic sequencing which adds data on a molecular level. This gives doctors real time information that can be used to help their patients. Tempus could prove especially helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s since it could provide data to help diagnose it sooner, potentially making patient outcomes much more positive.

Erik Lefkosky is an entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded several companies. He graduated from the University of Michigan and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Lefkosky has also authored a book titled Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.

Lefkosky has a history of giving back to the scientific community and becoming involved with numerous charities which support scientific causes throughout the globe. In addition to being a philanthropist, Lefkosky also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership Files Lawsuit For Breach Of Contract

A breach of contract lawsuit has been filed by the former Atlanta Hawks ownership group, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) and controlling partner Bruce Levenson, against AIG and it’s subsidiary New Hampshire Insurance Company.

Filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Sept. 13, the lawsuit claims a breach of contract had occurred and that it was covered under a policy covering particular losses relating to wrongful termination.

Previous court documents showed the AHBE filed on April 2,2015 giving notice to AIG about the claims made by former general manager Danny Ferry were covered by the policy. Danny Ferry had been let go by the former Hawks ownership group and a buyout was reached on June 22,2015. Two days later, approval of the sale of ownership of the franchise was approved to the ownership group led by Tony Ressler. See,

The new ownership group declined to comment on the lawsuit stating “The principal parties involved no longer have ties to the Atlanta Hawks Organization”.

The lawsuit also states that according to AIG the policy was never triggered and that a claim was never made. This failure to pay for the coverage in the settlement is the breach of contract mentioned in the lawsuit.

Despite his recent sale of ownership, Bruce Levenson is still active in multiple philanthropic endeavors like the Community Foundation of Washington D.C. and the Hoops Dreams Foundation. He also previously served as president of the Washington chapter of I Have A Dream Foundation and a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977 and was a founding member and served on the Board of Directors of Tech Target until 2012.

For more info, visit brucelevenson’s website and Wikipedia page.


Instant Alliance was founded by Rona Borre and now the CEO, back in 2001.Since then she has became a female icon entrepreneur in Chicago land. Now is largely known internationally as woman owned business enterprise and the company is consistently making growth.

Rona Borre received her BS in Business

She was born with great personality that has made vibrant and even given chance to lead in Chicago community organizations like Economic Club of Chicago ,the Chicago network and the young Presidents Organization and she has displayed potential and  recommended as the best.


Rona has been showcased in various media which includes CNBC,CBS 2 Chicago USA Today Crains’s Chicago and CNN. Thankfully she has been accredited as an influential female in business by the National Association of Women Business Owners.  See


The Enterprising Woman Magazine awarded Rona the Enterprising woman of the year this make an acknowledgement and addition to the number of accolades awarded to her company. In addition Rona Borre received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona.


Great work is achieved through passion,dedication and consistency there is no different from Rona with this virtues. She knew that it won’t be easy since the beginning that why he put more effort on crafting his success since the beginning .

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Eric Lefkofsky Makes an Impact with Medical Tech for Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. The company uses machine learning to provide customized care for those with cancer. The company uses itself as a tool for medical professionals such as physicians. Using Tempus at, healthcare providers can provide therapeutic data and genomic sequencing services. Physicians use these tools in order to make ideal decisions for a patient’s health. The entire goal is to improve the results of therapies given for the purpose of cancer treatment.


The company is a stellar example of how global health can be positively impacted by machine learning. So how exactly do these machines create better results than standard therapies? Machine learning can compare the data of a patient to another patient with a similar profile. By analyzing this data, a physician can make more intelligent decisions and further customize the treatment. Tempus allows physicians to have more information, specifically, a patient’s genetic code.


Eric Lefkofsky is actively engaged in a number of philanthropic efforts. In 2006, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation was founded in order to further charitable, educational, and scientific organizations across the world. His personal goal includes bettering humanity through research, programs, and initiatives. His financial contributions can be attributed to the industries of human rights, medical research, education, and culture. Access for more.


He received a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree and Doctor of Jurisprudence at the University of Michigan. After attending the University, Lefkofsky attended law school where he met his business partner, Bradley Keywell. Lefkofsky and Keywell went on to found the company Brandon Apparel before launching Starbelly. The companies may not have achieved household name status, but the two certainly staked their claim by selling Starbelly for a massive $240 million. This was only the beginning of his success.   See


Lefkofsky later founded Groupon, which became an even more immensely successful initial public offering. Also a published author of Accelerated Disruption, literature for enhancing the functionality of an industry for the purpose of remaking it. As an author, he speaks from a place of knowledge since he has launched startups valued at over a billion dollars. Business owners that don’t want to be left behind in dust of antiquated tech need to be prepared for the future and the future is now.  Click for more read.


NYC Real Estate for the Wealthy


People that come to live in New York will notice one thing early. The cost of living is a lot higher than other places. There is a reason for this. It all has to do with all the entertainment and the job opportunities that are here. People flock to the city because the economy growth is amazing, but this also equates to a high cost of living. In addition to all of this, there are many wealthy residents that are looking for property. Grand estates have been built in NYC to accommodate the needs of those that acquire this type of NYC real estate throughout this fascinating metropolitan area.

Wealthy people like to get with TOWN Real Estate has a lot of NYC real estate. This is one of the hottest real estate companies in the city. Thousands of properties are listed through TOWN Residential, and people that love Manhattan will not be disappointed by all the NYC real estate that is available.

Manhattan is a place that caters to the wealthy. There are some high dollar estates and upscale restaurants that make this part of NYC a worthy investment. There are many areas that people can consider. It all just depends on the type of area that people are interested in living in. In Tribeca there are some nice apartments to consider. There are some loft real estate properties that are also quite interesting as well. There are places like Battery Park that has some properties that are close to restaurants or certain work locations.

NYC real estate has lured wealthy people because there are many grand properties here. It is has been quite interesting to see the benefits of TOWN Residential because this company has evolved with a large number of realtors to cover a plethora of areas. People that have access to the Internet can view a number of different properties that are available with TOWN Residential.


The Wealth Wave Strategy Offered By Jim Hunt

Wealth Wave is an effective strategy that everyone can use to make money from descending stock market. Jim Hunt, who is the proud founder of the strategy, serves as the advisor to VTA Publications. When the stocks market starts to fall, a majority of people fail to realize that money is still there, and is not destroyed. Rather, it is just transferred to someone else or somewhere else.

VTA Publications is a well-established organization, which specializes in spread betting, and it provides its clients with vanguard information. The skilled professionals at the firm teach people how they can make money in the stocks market and showing them how to note the perfect time to make a move as well. Jim Hunt and his adept team of experts missions to hold the hands of their clients throughout the complete process, while keeping in touch with phone calls and emails.

With the experience and knowledge of the experts at VTA, people should not underestimate themselves even if they have never engaged in the stocks market previously. The clients leveraging the Wealth Wave strategy will automatically benefit from various materials such as webinars and DVD training videos, which they can utilize to realize substantial profits from the falling stocks market.

Jim Hunt encourages people not to doubt themselves based on the knowledge they require to become profiting traders. Inherently, individuals can utilize the DVD videos, which are easy to comprehend as well as JIm Hunt and his team of professionals to hold their hands.

Leveraging the tried and tested signals is the key to benefiting from Wealth Wave. The signs are effective in indicating signals when there are teetering money on the stocks market’s edge as well as when the market is about to fall.

VTA Publications Ltd. is one of the well-known non-fiction publishers of distance learning courses as well as event organizers dealing with specialized genres. Founded in 2012, the organization has established itself as a trusted brand name in the industry, and it currently has thousands of loyal clients under its umbrella.

Brad Reifler’s Enthusiasm for SEC to Modify the Definition of Accredited Investors

Brad Reifler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital is enthusiastic about the Securities Exchange Commission modifying the definition of accredited investors. He has concerns for non-accredited investors inability to invest in securities and turn their savings into profits as accredited investors. Under SEC rules and regulations, accredited investors are provided protection, whereas, non-accredited investors receive no protection. Mr. Reifler learned this first hand after providing services to net worth individuals who earned $200,000 or more, for many years. He realized that nearly half of the working middle class Americans are able to save $6,000 annually.

The goal of Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital is to offer investment opportunities to the 99 percent of Americans whose net income is less than $200,000. They seek ways to help those individuals increase their savings, whether $2,500 or $50,000. Fore Front is now focused on non-accredited investors and wants the definition of accredited investors to be modified. Reifler’s Marketwired Announcement in December 2014, according to Yahoo! Finance, stated Fore Front is offering investment opportunities to non-accredited investors with savings of $2,500 and above. He formed the Forefront Income Trust for them with minimum risks.

SEC Investor Advisory Committee recommended the SEC update the definition of accredited investors; and remove the current income and net worth tests and replace them with sophisticated finance measurements. Since the recommendation request in October 2014, a Report on the Review of the Definition of Accredited Invest was released by the SEC Investor Advisory Committee on December 18, 2015. The committee suggested the Commission revise the definition to identify individuals who qualify as accredited investors. The recommendations were to consider criteria, including minimum amount of investments; professional credentials; investment experience; employees of private funds expertise; and pass an accredited investor examination.

Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital Markets, Fore Front Management Group, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Management. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, as per Wikipedia, and sold the business eight years later. His goal to meet the demands of non-accredited investors motivated him to start a trust that caters to individuals with savings of $2,500 or more.  See Brad talk about his company, and his plans on Twitter @BradleyR.