Lifestyle Change with Talk Fusion

It is back in the year 1964 at the New York world Fair that video conferencing made its debut, and since then it has not stopped for anyone. Technology is transforming lives, and it’s through advancements in each of its sector that lives are being changed and made much easier. Video technology is altering our lifestyle as we know it and that is why more and more people prefer video to text.


Talk Fusion is one of the many companies embracing this lifestyle change and is taking advantage of the developments in WebRTC that is Real Time Communication to deliver face to face communication. Before Talk Fusion Could make this technology possible, there were others who contributed to such possibilities. It is in the 1990’s that we saw the advancement of Internet Protocol (IP) allowing detection of an original device location. Later on, it becomes possible to compress videos allowing desktop-based video conferencing. Other players such as Apple came in to launch Apple Mac CU-See ME, a video conferencing system used to date. In 2001 use of videophone became possible, in 2003 Skype was launched, In 2005 Flash 8 was released,2005 You Tube came along and in 2007 Talk Fusion founded and launched Video Email.

Talk Fusion did not stop there it went ahead in the year 2014 to launch Connect. This mostly focused on showcasing WebRTC Technology, a technology that does not need downloads, or any plug-ins to integrate live broadcast, video conferencing as well as Desktop Share.

Talk Fusion Chat allows users to have face-to-face communications on any device be it a smartphone or even a desktop. This is a tremendous contribution to the communication world and companies are taking advantage of this new platform to market their products to the world. TALK Fusion, in the leadership of CEO and Founder, Bob Reina is making marketing more fun, memorable and persuasive with the use of videos.

We cannot leave video Communication out when we talk about a global phenomenon, and with organizations such as Talk Fusion as leaders in the Communication Industry then we are guaranteed so much more. It is true to say that the future does indeed look brighter.