The Career Of Entrepreneur Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Operating Officer for Real Property Solutions LLC. His career has been mostly based in serving the public through government positions he has held. Seawright obtained his MBA from Almeda University and graduated in Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of business.

Kevin started out his career working for the City of Baltimore as a Managing Fiscal Officer. He has since held a number of managing positions with the City of Baltimore such as the Finance Director for the Baltimore’s Department of Housing and the Chief Financial Officer in the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

Through his education and work experience he has built a deep knowledge of financial matters as well providing effective personnel management.

In 2011 Kevin Seawright changed his career to the private sector as he served as the Vice President Operations for Tito Contractors, which is a Washington D.C. based construction company.

He returned to public service when he took on the role of Executive Director of Operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and then the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Today in his position at Real Property Solutions (RPS) Seawright oversees the operations of the company. His company, based in Baltimore, builds and/or renovates residential properties. The missions of the company is to provide affordable housing to the residents of Baltimore as well as bring stability to neighborhoods.

RPS Solutions has been instrumental in working with first-time homebuyers in the Belvedere Square area of Baltimore. Through their efforts RPS Solutions is working to increase the overall rate of homeownership in the city.

Beyond work, Seawright enjoys spending time with his daughter. He also, as a huge sports fan, volunteers as a Basketball Coach for the Suffolk Virginia Parks & Recreation Department.