Sam Tabar: A Succesful Attorney and Financial Analyst

Most successful people have the ability to do their jobs consistently to a high standard. Not everybody can be able to accomplish this feat. Huge success follows individuals with such an ability to put in quality work day in, day out.

Sam Tabar is one such case. He is an attorney and financial analyst. He combines his education, communication skills and experience with clients and co-workers. This unique combination has made him establish himself as a leader who has made it to the top of the career ladder.

Tabar obtained an education at Oxford University and used that opportunity to learn about different cultures. He also developed networks and relationships which would help him in the future. Sam graduated with an Honors and got a Bachelor of Arts degree.

He then went to earn his law degree at Columbia Law School after yearning for more knowledge. Sam specialized in contract and employment law and gained experience in these areas by working as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. Learn more about more Sam Tabar:

He ensured that he always had the latest topics of interest to those in law school while working for the publications. This made him gain more knowledge on current and future business trends which set the stage for his accomplishments in years to come.

Sam’s career began as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP after graduating from Columbia Law School. said that Sam Tabar counseled clients on investment management agreements, side letters, private placement memoranda, hedge fund formation and structure, and employment issues when he was working at Skadden.

In 2004, he joined SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors in 2004 and went on to be its Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director.

Tabar later became the Director of the Bank of America Merill Lynch. Another position he had at the bank included Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. He joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in 2013 as a senior associate catering to hedge funds and left in 2014.

At the moment, Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund. He makes amateur videos mostly on nature and posts them on Vimeo. His hobbies are rowing and ballroom dancing.

Thor Halvorssen’s struggle for human rights

Thor Halvorssen’s passion for human rights pushed him to launch the Human Rights Foundation. He is not known much to the common man, but unilateral dictators suffer sleepless nights on the mention of Thor Halvorssen. He is a challenge to these dictators because of his unstoppable passion and goal of eliminating violations to human rights throughout the world.

Thor has always been against unilateral dictatorship and does not discriminate against anyone. He is 39 years of age and applies any workable strategy to accomplish his mission towards human rights advocacy. He has different reasons for this fire that burns inside his heart; to see justice and human rights offered to everyone.

Halvorssen’s mother was from Venezuela while his father was Norwegian. His father, Hellum, worked as an ambassador in Norway under anti-narcotics sector. He was investigating a cartel when he got arrested. Thor lobbied tirelessly until his father was freed. His mother died in a shooting in Venezuela in 2004. Thor wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal explaining the incident.

After witnessing the injustices that led to the death of his parents, it is now easy to understand why he decided to engage in the advocacy for human rights. His mother died during a peaceful protest while his father was one of the political prisoners. He does not have only base his advocacy on politics. He is also interested in public policy, civil liberty, public interests and pro-democracy advocacy. He has always been against human trafficking and slavery because they undermine the human rights of the victims.

Currently, Thor Halvorssen is working with Bryan Singer on a film entitled The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He has had his opinions featured in the Washington Post, Time Magazine, the National Journal, the New York Times, and the National Public Radio among others. He has also appeared on television courtesy of BBC News, CNN, Fox News, Aljazeera and Hannity & Colmes. This is enough evidence that Thor Halvorssen is doing a commendable job in fighting for human rights. The Human Rights Foundation has made his passion a reality. for more.

Fundamental Information about Betsy’s Work Experience

Betsy was born in 1958 to her able parents; Elsa and Edgar, who were entrepreneurs with a conspicuously high standing. She went ahead to pursue her bachelors’ degree in Arts from Calvin College. Apparently, DeVos had a particular liking for politics and has taken part in Michigan Republican Party since 1982. She served several positions while there among them being; local precinct delegate, national committeewoman, chairperson and at some point an editor of the ‘Inside Michigan Politics’ bulletin. Again in 2003, she sought the presidents’ position, and sure enough, she qualified unopposed.

Betsy DeVos’ Charitable Works

Betsy and her husband Dick founded a charitable organization in 1989 and had since been channeling their million dollars towards its growth. They are strong in Christian beliefs, most likely reason that has made President Trump get inclined towards her. As per the tax records, in 2015 the couple donated over $10 million to a variety of organizations and went ahead to pledge even more, to be given in years to come. Among the benefiting organizations include; The Partnership for Educational Justice, Success Academy Charter Schools, The Potter’s House, Conservative organizations as well as various other colleges and universities across the country.

Why Betsy DeVos Deserves an Influential Position in Education Sector

I find it saddening that Barbara Miner could publish an article reprimanding Betsy. She alleges that Betsy is after introducing a voucher program to replace the current “democratically controlled public schools” system. There is so much elusiveness in the said allegations considering that the system is run by civil servants, and not necessarily democratically controlled. Again the system in use operates on goals that have the least interest of the children, which is probably the reason why survey shows that most color communities support vouchers. I find Betsy being the ideal person to handle the position of US education secretary. Apparently, as long as a school meets the states’ standards, use of vouchers should not be restricted. Check this related article from


No doubt Betsy is an iron woman who is passionate for God. Having been in politics has taught her to be resilient. I am confident that she has accumulated a lot of leadership qualities following the various positions she has served. As at now, she feels greatly honored to serve in the president Trump’s regime. Her passion is unstoppable, and the zeal unrelenting. At no point will DeVos stoop low or shy from any office, however influential. She is an epitome of resilience. When Betsy talks of vouchers, I know that her motive is positive, especially towards the children. It is only this month that she assumed office and I cannot wait for the transformation she will bring in the education sector. Folllow Betsy on Twitter

Nutritional, Beneficial, Innovative: WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners

When it comes to having an abundance of choices at your fingertips, the hair care industry is probably at the top of the list. This exclusive industry is one of the most popular and profitable to date. Conditioners are some of the most products hair care products as they have the ability to give the user a deep and thorough cleanse.

Unlike shampoo, which seems to give you a superficial cleaning, conditioners can leave your hair with a refreshed and invigorating feel. WEN by Chaz produces some of the highest quality of cleansing conditioners on the market today. These innovative products stand out among a crowd thanks to their wide array of benefits such as strength, better color, added shine, and more moisture.

Unlike many of today’s other leading brands, WEN by Chaz is unique thank to it’s organic make-up. This organic make-up comes in the form of various plant extracts, which heals, hydrates, nourishes, and invigorates the hair and scalp. Honestly, when it comes to producing high quality products, many of your favorite brands “short change” you by filling up their formulas with contaminants. These contaminate are usually in the form of sulfates and parabens. Vidal Sassoon, Pantene, L’Oréal, Maybeline, Herbal Essence, Head & Shoulders and many more have good product lines, but they’re loaded with these harsh chemicals. WEN by Chaz by-passes the man-made stuff and provides consumers with the very best and safest natural ingredients. WEN’s cleansing conditioners are the real deal and come in many different blended formulas such as sweet almond mint, lavender, pomegranate extract, and many more.

Would you like to retire from using so many different products just to get a certain benefit. WEN does that as it can replace an entire arsenal of hair care products such as other conditioners, shampoo, and treatments. Now that you have the scoop on what to be expected, the choice is yours. Bring your hair back to life the natural way and start “WEN-ing.”

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Learn More About Comparative Law and professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the theoretical study of democratic systems existing in a country. It involves analyzing the relationship and also a comparison with each other in a country or between different countries. Usually, it tries to describe the different legal system from various countries, for instance, common law, civil law, social law, Islamic law or Hindu law. Currently, it has gained reasonable importance for example, to customize the level of efficiency within all current legal environments. It also helps to move towards the compatibility of laws mostly towards coordination of the European Union where diverse constitutional traditions coexist. There are internet resources and public announcements that convene legal materials from several jurisdictions without necessarily undertaking comparisons, but are seen as tools of trade for comparative lawyers Comparative law also brings together all the legal procedures accepted within all constitutional environments at a maximum probable ranking.

Sujit Choudhry is a skillful and also an experienced analyst and also a universally renowned specialist in comparative constitutional law. His learning background includes his completion of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law at the University of Oxford, Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Toronto and also masters of Oxford when he was awarded the title of being a Rhodes Scholar. Presently he secures the esteemed positions of the Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California.  Read related articles on

Professor Sujit Choudhry is known for organizing a large bunch of research programs and extensive field experiences to build construction ways. His work mostly brings together countries within Middle Eastern, South Asian, and also African countries. His area of research mainly centers on creating methods and ways to reconstruct violent engagement of politics to strategic democratic political forms, to cooperate ethnically separated societies, to manipulate or employ federalism, semi-presidential, constitutional national rights, language as well as cultural and social policies, legal developments and decentralization and also get answers to general methodological enquiries. Sujit Choudhry has also written extensive and also published some books, for instance, The Migration of Constitution ideas and also The Oxford Handbook of the Indian constitution to help the advancement of comparative law study.

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Former Atlanta Hawks Ownership Files Lawsuit For Breach Of Contract

A breach of contract lawsuit has been filed by the former Atlanta Hawks ownership group, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) and controlling partner Bruce Levenson, against AIG and it’s subsidiary New Hampshire Insurance Company.

Filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on Sept. 13, the lawsuit claims a breach of contract had occurred and that it was covered under a policy covering particular losses relating to wrongful termination.

Previous court documents showed the AHBE filed on April 2,2015 giving notice to AIG about the claims made by former general manager Danny Ferry were covered by the policy. Danny Ferry had been let go by the former Hawks ownership group and a buyout was reached on June 22,2015. Two days later, approval of the sale of ownership of the franchise was approved to the ownership group led by Tony Ressler. See,

The new ownership group declined to comment on the lawsuit stating “The principal parties involved no longer have ties to the Atlanta Hawks Organization”.

The lawsuit also states that according to AIG the policy was never triggered and that a claim was never made. This failure to pay for the coverage in the settlement is the breach of contract mentioned in the lawsuit.

Despite his recent sale of ownership, Bruce Levenson is still active in multiple philanthropic endeavors like the Community Foundation of Washington D.C. and the Hoops Dreams Foundation. He also previously served as president of the Washington chapter of I Have A Dream Foundation and a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977 and was a founding member and served on the Board of Directors of Tech Target until 2012.

For more info, visit brucelevenson’s website and Wikipedia page.


Instant Alliance was founded by Rona Borre and now the CEO, back in 2001.Since then she has became a female icon entrepreneur in Chicago land. Now is largely known internationally as woman owned business enterprise and the company is consistently making growth.

Rona Borre received her BS in Business

She was born with great personality that has made vibrant and even given chance to lead in Chicago community organizations like Economic Club of Chicago ,the Chicago network and the young Presidents Organization and she has displayed potential and  recommended as the best.


Rona has been showcased in various media which includes CNBC,CBS 2 Chicago USA Today Crains’s Chicago and CNN. Thankfully she has been accredited as an influential female in business by the National Association of Women Business Owners.  See


The Enterprising Woman Magazine awarded Rona the Enterprising woman of the year this make an acknowledgement and addition to the number of accolades awarded to her company. In addition Rona Borre received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona.


Great work is achieved through passion,dedication and consistency there is no different from Rona with this virtues. She knew that it won’t be easy since the beginning that why he put more effort on crafting his success since the beginning .

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Jose Borghi Brings MullenLowe Group Into The Future

Jose Borghi is one of the finest executives in advertising, and he leads a company at MullenLowe that has offices around the world. They have done quite a lot of work in the advertising field, and they are serving those in South America and beyond. This article explains how Jose has led the company to more respectability given his experience in the industry.

#1: How Does His Company Serve Customers?

Businesses across South America trust MullenLowe because the company has a track record for success. Jose reaches out to many people on the continent who need help, and they will build advertising that changes the image of a business. Businesses are quite strong in Brazil and other countries because they are viewed well. Changing the image of a business is simple, and the company creates advertising that changes the face of a company.

#2: How Does Jose Lead The Business?

Jose Borghi is responsible executive who has learned the continent well, and he is learning about other countries around the world where his services are required. Looking over the map of the company’s reach includes hundreds of dots that show their satellite offices. Jose speaks with his staff often to ensure they create better advertising products, and they are building relationships with everyone they meet.

#3: MullenLowe Is Respected Around The Globe

The respect level for MullenLowe is high among all those who have used their services, and they have seen their companies become stronger in the public’s eyes. The public must have a better view of the client, and the client must have a lovely ad campaign that they will be proud of.

The career of Jose Borghi has been dedicated to advertising in a way that no other executive has. His company is growing every day, offering better advertising and creating new images that serve businesses well.

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Lifestyle Change with Talk Fusion

It is back in the year 1964 at the New York world Fair that video conferencing made its debut, and since then it has not stopped for anyone. Technology is transforming lives, and it’s through advancements in each of its sector that lives are being changed and made much easier. Video technology is altering our lifestyle as we know it and that is why more and more people prefer video to text.


Talk Fusion is one of the many companies embracing this lifestyle change and is taking advantage of the developments in WebRTC that is Real Time Communication to deliver face to face communication. Before Talk Fusion Could make this technology possible, there were others who contributed to such possibilities. It is in the 1990’s that we saw the advancement of Internet Protocol (IP) allowing detection of an original device location. Later on, it becomes possible to compress videos allowing desktop-based video conferencing. Other players such as Apple came in to launch Apple Mac CU-See ME, a video conferencing system used to date. In 2001 use of videophone became possible, in 2003 Skype was launched, In 2005 Flash 8 was released,2005 You Tube came along and in 2007 Talk Fusion founded and launched Video Email.

Talk Fusion did not stop there it went ahead in the year 2014 to launch Connect. This mostly focused on showcasing WebRTC Technology, a technology that does not need downloads, or any plug-ins to integrate live broadcast, video conferencing as well as Desktop Share.

Talk Fusion Chat allows users to have face-to-face communications on any device be it a smartphone or even a desktop. This is a tremendous contribution to the communication world and companies are taking advantage of this new platform to market their products to the world. TALK Fusion, in the leadership of CEO and Founder, Bob Reina is making marketing more fun, memorable and persuasive with the use of videos.

We cannot leave video Communication out when we talk about a global phenomenon, and with organizations such as Talk Fusion as leaders in the Communication Industry then we are guaranteed so much more. It is true to say that the future does indeed look brighter.

Online Reputation Management Strategies To Boost Performance Of Your Business

Marketing your business online has its share of challenges but once the market responds, this is the best platform for creating awareness. There are many openings online that one can tap into and if the strategy applied is perfect, there will be little interruptions in the running of a business. However, not every person who runs an online-based business understands the strategies that can work to protect and built their reputation.

Getting the right information is the first step to managing the reputation of a business online. You should apply tips that will guarantee returns and keep your business moving. Managing reputation is a process that takes effort and sacrifice, so you need to invest both your time and energy toward the process. Below are some of the things that can help to strengthen the reputation of your business.

Search engine optimization

Appearing on the first page of search engines means many people are interested in the products you offer and that the content you update is optimized well to rank for certain keywords. If you are not good at SEO, there are many reputable companies like IC Media Direct review that can help your business to rank well by optimizing your website and content for SEO.

Create presence on social media

Many businesses that have tried social media understand the power the platform holds. There is a lot that one can get from social media if a good strategy is applied. First, social media offers a wide pool of customers and potential customers and the good part is that people regularly log on to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Secondly, with over 1 billion users, you can take advantage of these numbers to clean the reputation of your business. Social sites offer you a way to connect with many people and share vital information about your business.

Regularly update your site

You don’t want users to complain about speed or security when they come to your website. Update to match the most recent properties of websites so you can offer users the best experience and value for their money while browsing for products.