Lacey and Larkin Do Not Plan on Losing

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the owners of Village Voice Media. Through Village Voice Media they report current news in the Maricopa County through the Phoenix News Times. One person who has consistently appeared in the Phoenix News Times is the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has dubbed himself America’s Toughest Sheriff, has committed many atrocities against the Latino community, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have blown the lid on his entire operation.

Through the Phoenix New Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were able to report how Sheriff Joe Arpaio was able to turn the Maricopa County Police Department into his own personal army.

It all began when Sheriff Joe Arpaio systematically looked through the human resource files and fired every police officer who refused to engage in racial profiling. He then filled their positions with police officers who were more than willing to specifically target Latinos or Hispanics.

After this, he created a reward system that gave police officers monetary bonuses for bringing in illegal immigrants.

The next thing they reported on was how he was solely responsible for an innocent family’s home being burnt the ground. He had a tip that most police officers would say did not come from a trustable source. However, he went with his gut and ordered for the SWAT team to move in on this home because it was allegedly a drug cache.

Of course, they found no drugs in this Hispanic home, but because the raid went awfully wrong, the home burned to the ground. Sheriff Joe Arpaio prevented the family from calling the fire department by detaining them and putting them into the cop cars.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was also responsible for the death of an unborn child. One of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s favorite ploys was to detain illegal immigrants and then underneath the law of the state of Arizona deny them medical care.

He did this with a woman who was pregnant and in her third trimester. Unfortunately, she was really an American citizen, but because he would not listen to her and look up for information, the child died needlessly.

These were just some of the evils that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin reported on to the Phoenix News Times. When Joseph Arpaio heard this on the radio, he called his police force together to come up with a way to silence these two men.

He gathered together several unmarked black SUVs, which was in violation of Arizona law, and under the cover of darkness burst into the homes of these two men and threatened to arrest them if they did not hand over the evidence. Of course, they refuse to do so and then were illegally detained.

This illegal detention would give the men the grounds they needed to file a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Police Department. In the end, they will be awarded a settlement of $3.75 million which started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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How Dr. David Samadi Became One Of The Top Urologists In The United States

Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon and urologist who has practiced in more than 40 countries. He is an expert at using advanced surgical robots that assist him in the surgical room. In the past he was the host of a popular weekend tv show that was focused on medical issues. The type of surgery he most often performs is on men who have developed prostate cancer.

While Dr. David Samadi was successful at the beginning of his career, it was his going to Franch to study how they performed urologic surgery that really advanced his career. He learned their method which was to use laparoscopic technology while performing these types of operations. He spent a year in Creteil with other skilled surgeons who taught him everything they knew.

Having been born in Iran, after the Iranian Revolution he left the country as a teenager as he was Persian Jew and so in danger. Just he and his brother were able to leave and eventually they ended up in New York. He attended Roslyn High School and then earned his bachelor’s degree. It was a the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that he learned the knowledge he needed to become a urologist.

In 2007, Dr. David Samadi came up with a completely new way of doing surgery using advanced robotic techniques. Commonly, these types of surgeries have a number of bad effects as they damage the nerves. His new technique does not hurt the nerves and so these side effects are avoided. He patented this technique in 2008.

For four years, Dr. David Samadi was the host for Sunday Housecall. This Fox Network show was a popular source of information about advances in the field of medicine. He and other experts also answered the health questions of callers into the show.

Dr. David Samadi now practices at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and is also the Chairman of the Urology department. Over the course of his career he has completed over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries. Over 80% of his patients are able to regain full sexual function which is a very good stat in the industry. Additionally, almost 90% of his patients end up cancer free after he has performed surgery on them.

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Adam Milstein’s great acts of philanthropy

Adam Milstein, who participated in founding of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, is a popular philanthropist. The American-Israeli activist has been doing charitable acts over the years in support of various organizations that strive to bring together the people of Israel and USA together. He works hard to mend the relationship between Israel and the US, facilitating improvements of economic activities between the two states. Adam’s efforts have yielded fruits and through him, trading activities are beginning to establish grounds.

Adam Milstein heads the Israeli-American Council which he also participated in founding. Apart from holding the chairperson position in the council, he also holds various top positions in organisations such as the Jewish Founders Network, Israel on Camp Coalition, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) National Council, and StandWithUs. Adam with the help of his wife, Gila, has established agencies like the SifriyatPijamaB’America. This particular organization focuses on the provision of free books which hold important teachings about Jewish values to the Jewish lot that is located in the USA. The books influence the over seventy Jewish families in the United States of America.

When doing his philanthropic duties, Adam Milstein operates with the Milstein Family Foundation together with its many members to make significant and lasting changes to the Jewish Community. He does this through the provision of monetary funds and technical support to the non-profit organisations that seek to give both financial and moral support to Jewish communities. Some of these agencies help children go through adulthood transformations and provide them with the guidelines they need to become better people in life and to know more

Adam’s success can be attributed to his triumph in the real estate sector where he has invested and prospered. He attained his education in finance at the Technion where he got a degree in Business and Economics. He also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Israel continues to become a better place under the influence of Adam Milstein. His name is among the people who have succeeded in transforming the Jewish people in the United States of America as well as in Israel.

Susan McGalla Says Business Promotions Are Not About Being A Woman

Susan McGalla has over 30 years in the retail and business consulting industries that she has spent in executive leadership and coming up with new marketing innovations. Despite the fact that there are few women leading the kind of companies that she has, McGalla is not one to think of her promotions as a victory for women. She has been asked about it by various media publications in Pittsburgh, and every time she always tells them that her accomplishments are those of a person, not of a woman. It may have shocked the local media that she does not think of those accomplishments through the gender lens, but it’s because she says she was taught as a young girl that nothing would be earned by her being a woman.

Susan McGalla grew up in a small western Ohio town and got her bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College. She started her professional career at the now defunct Joseph Horne Company where she picked up quickly on merchandising operations and became adept at management. In 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she started as a local merchandising manager, but then joined the corporate team and took over regional merchandising operations. She helped launch several new fashion lines and became very respected at her position that soon she moved up to the company executive board and became president of the entire company. She spent a total of 16 years at the company and after stepping down helped start several other marketing consulting companies.

McGalla is a partner at HFF Inc., a Pittsburgh real estate brokerage and the current CEO of P3 Executive Consulting. She has also served with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and works with the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She also speaks at various business forums.



ClassDojo Application Applauded By Numerous Educational Facilities

Education technology is in the recent past one tangible investment that entrepreneurs are looking keenly into. Edtech investments are aimed to make learning more easier and fun, to all relevant stakeholders. Edtech has been reported to make great progress since 2015 and still very hopeful about 2017, considering the several startups in the market such as Classcraft, Nearpool, ClassDojo, among others.

These technologies have been aimed to change the traditional face of education to interesting online learning platforms both for the kids and the teachers. The success of edtech investments is traceable back to this factor as well as thorough testing, to ensure they are up to the task, before being released into the market for use by the educators and kids.

While investing in the education technology may seem like an existing ready market, most investors may fail to impress due to their lack of understanding of what exactly the educators and the kids need. It goes without saying that teachers understand best what works best in schools and thus the best people to engage before venturing into the investment. This is well evident with ClassDojo application, which has made communication among teachers, students and parents very easy and possible. ClassDojo has been able to provide solution to the existing communication problem in schools, where teachers and parents lacked a communication platform, to discuss the student’s progress without having to schedule for a meeting. Due to this factor, ClassDojo app has been embraced by several schools in US.

ClassDojo has also been rigorously tested, with the founders committing to work with edtech accelerators and make frequent interactions with teachers, students and parents throughout product designing.

Having a good education technology is an awesome thing, but can’t be great without an implementation plan at hand. Though schools all over can easily have access to internet, adopting a new technology has never been easy not only for educators but for everyone. ClassDojo has largely been adopted by schools, due to their consistent support to educators, who are still adapting to the functionality of the application.

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Nick Vertucci Changes the Game for Real Estate Investors

Nick Vertucci talks to a lot of people about real estate. He knows what it takes to build a successful real estate investing portfolio, and he urges others that have desire for knowledge to consider his seminars. One of the best things that people can do when they get connected to a professional real estate investor like Nick Vertucci is absorb the knowledge.

He knows the things that are going to help people make better decisions when it comes to investing your money. Everyone is not going to be completely engaged in all the things that it takes to build up a house, but Nick Vertucci can help people realize the things that they can do on their own.

All work does not have to be contracted out. This is one of the things that Nick Vertucci places a heavy emphasis on. He believes that people that buy homes at low cost will be able to gain a whole lot more money if they also take the time to do some of the repair work themselves.

Nick knows a lot about real estate, and he is well aware of all the possibilities that can come when a person takes time to take inventory of their own skills. More investors are able to build a better real estate portfolios because they know how to improve things about a home. Once a person invests in real estate they need to be able to do the things that are necessary to turn the project around so it can be sold quickly.

It is all about getting access to the home and doing the renovations in order to move to the next project. The thing that Nick has done that has helped him stand out in the real estate world is create opportunities for people from different walks of life to gain a better advantage on real estate investing. Nick knows about a lot of opportunities that people are able to discover if they become familiar with real estate. This is why he puts much effort into educating investors that want to know more.

Human, Immigrant and Civil Rights Inspired by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin


Advocacy Groups Use Technology, Laws and Aggressive Actions to Support Youth Immigrant Rights

When the Trump Administration decided to make changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA), there was a force of opposition within the immigrant community; mostly from younger generations. The program is the only thing that has shielded them from any sort of deportation or adverse actions against their future citizenship.


The youth activists, who are opposing the changes, are among the protesters all across the United States including a sit-in at Trump Towers in New York City where Mr. Trump previously resided. The protest signified to the country that there is a movement taking place that is a nationwide act of solidarity, and a new-age civil rights movement.


One of the more progressive advocacy group’s leading the nationwide protest around the country is MoveOn is the largest and most-effective digitally advanced advocacy group within the technological world. Founded in 1988, the advocacy group can get the word out on social awareness issues faster than other groups. The advocacy group has made it clear that if democrats within Congress refuse to act then grassroots efforts will be elevated for bringing justice for the potentially 800,000 young people facing deportation.


The group’s stand on the immigration issue is supported by the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC). The NIJC is dedicated to providing assurances to the immigrant community that their human rights and civil protections will be safe-guarded. The group has worked on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers with pro bono attorneys. The advocacy group has been successful with helping more than 10,000 asylum seekers and refugees with legal services. NIJC has set positive precedents throughout the country to accomplish human rights and civil protections using hundreds of attorney’s from some of the most-prestigious and leading law firms in the country.


The Lacey and Larkin Foundation also uses the technological advancements within the modern day world. Founded in 2013, the organization continually builds a foundation of resources, materials and updated policy changes, and conveys the information through all social media platforms and other technological means. The information is available when needed directly for the immigrant community. When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin first established the fund with a $3.75 million settlement received from a First Amendment landmark case (Lacy v. Arpaio), it was initially due to the anti-Latino conditions within the Arizona community. Since that time, the fund has grown into a nationally recognized support for immigrants and migrant workers including the Arizona youth.


With technology transforming the world into one large market, people are traveling every day to live in different countries. This is in search of employment and survival. To some immigrants, the political and civil status left them with no choice but migrate.

Unfortunately, most countries have policies that make the life of immigrants very difficult. Most of the immigrants, cannot practice democratic rights or participate in any decision making of the country. In the worst scenario, they are denied the most basic needs. As a result, many philanthropist groups have been formed to improve the lives of the immigrants. Some of this humanitarian groups include;

The American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA)

AILA was founded in 1946.The Organization was initially known as Association of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers (AINL).The firm has sufficient law professors and attorney to meet their needs.

AILA foundation is unbiased and serves everyone equally. The firm is a non-profit organization created with an objective of helping the immigrants. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The attorneys represent the immigrants in acquiring permanent homes in the state. Besides the settling home, the attorneys are committed to educating the people on immigrant’s law.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The founders of the Frontera Fund are the two journalists who founded Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been known for fighting for their rights in most times of their career. The two published the evil acts of the Sherriff. On learning this, the sheriff arrested the two journalists from their homes at 12midnight.

The public held demonstrations, demanding their release. Lacey and Larkin were, therefore, released in less than 24 hours. Ongoing to court, the arrest was considered illegal. The two received a compensation of $3.75 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used the money in financing the humanitarian groups of Arizona. Currently, the organization’s project is on the DACA foundation.

DACA foundation was formed to take care of immigrants who are in the state illegally. The organization has 800000 beneficiaries.

The firm gives the members a chance to complete their unfinished business. Some members complete their education while other acquire the legal documentation to remain in the country.

Lately, the foundation is facing some challenges. The Texas Attorney General accused the organization of not having the right documentation to support its existence. The Attorney General with the support of nine other officials has ordered the Trump Government to shut down the organization. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Its close down would cause severe damage to the big number of beneficiaries. The members are worried, especially, after Kelly made his announcement. He said that despite the efforts the staff was putting on the matter, the organization was still unstable.

The Frontera Fund has promised to ensure that the DACA issue finds a permanent solution. This has restored the hope of the members.

The Arizona settlers are very angry at the action taken by the AG. They have described the action as ungrateful and malicious.

The Arizona occupants, explain that the immigrants have also contributed to the well-being of the state. Deportation is, therefore, a mean way to pay back the immigrants.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble and Career Dedication

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an example of a powerful woman who knows what she needs. She’s the ambitious CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of the popular Bumble app. Bumble, in short, is a dating app that has a feminist feel. That’s because it motivates women to contact men first instead of the other way around. Bumble is nothing like other dating apps and sites that have made waves on the Internet in past years.

Herd was with many terrific people around the time that she first introduced Bumble. She had the assistance of an amazing business partner, first and foremost. Her husband was terrific. She’s now married to him. Wolfe even had helpful family members and employees on her side.

Herd was a guest speaker at the Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit located in Laguna Niguel, California. Fortune hosted the event. She told all of the driven business people at the event that they should use unpleasant criticism as an incentive to push ahead. Herd is the kind of entrepreneur who undoubtedly understands the difference between helpful and pointless feedback.

Bumble has been around since the end of 2014. It’s a company that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas. 24 million people have signed up to take part in Bumble’s services. It’s now offering another service that’s known as Bumble Bizz, too. Bumble Bizz, as its name communicates, accommodates the needs of determined people who work in the business realm. This service enables them to get in contact with other professionals who are part of their fields. Career-oriented individuals who want to be able to network well can benefit from the assistance of Bumble Bizz. This service can assist people who want to be in the loop about potential openings in their industries. It can assist people who want to get more familiarity with their fields in general.

Herd is an entrepreneur who operates in a seemingly “nonstop” manner. She’s never not on the move. She’s never not in the middle of the innovation and creation processes. This businesswoman wants to make online dating something that it has never been before. She wants to change the feel of modern dating overall. She wishes to streamline it and make it more comfortable and pleasant for everyone. Herd understands the value of a great personal life, too. She just got married in a wondrous and cozy wedding located in stunning and serene Italy and more

Brazilian Rally Driver Michel Terpins

Sao Paulo born Michel Terpins is known as one of Brazil’s best and most decorated rally drivers. He’s won most of the driving competitions he’s entered throughout his history in the race car driving industry. Along with his brother, Rodrigo, he won the 24th edition of what is called the Sertoes Rally, which is a racing competition he started participating in back in 2002 when he entered the contest in the motorcycle category.

He and his brother are part of a rally team that they, along with a man named Maykel Justo, formed in 2015 called Bull Sertoes. This team is considered to be one of the finest in the Sertoes Rally due to their keen skill, and the fact that they’ve won so many driving competitions. After winning the 2nd stage of the Sertoes Rally, Michel said that it was a difficult and exhausting stage to get through because of the mountainous terrain that was involved. But the powerful V8 engine that the team added to their racer handled the rough terrain adequately.

Michel Terpins took an interest in auto mechanics at a very early age, when he started repairing cars. Coming from a family of sportsmen, he developed an interest in racing and from there went on to enter many driving contests, including the Cross Country Rally, which he won in 2015 as a runner-up. His father, Jack, was a famous basketball player in the 1960s, and part of the 1970s. And his brother, Rodrigo, who is a part of his driving team, is also a skilled and talented driver.

The Sertoes Rally, which attracts many well established race car drivers, as well as enthusiastic fans every year, is one of the Terpins brothers biggest and most challenging driving competitions. Another race they competed in was the 2011 Mitsubishi Cup Championship, which was sponsored by the MEM Motorsport brand, a company that was responsible for developing the brothers’ racing vehicle known as T-Rex.

Michel Terpins’ exceptional driving skills and endurance in the racing world is one of the things that has made him so popular and admired by his fellow Brazilians.

Michel Terpins: Finally a Winner of the Sertoes Rally After Ten Attempts

The rally driving scene in Brazil has grown tremendously in recent years. Among the most popular events in the country’s rallying calendar is the Sertoes Rally. The rally has consistently been held for more than a decade and attracts drivers in different categories, including cars, motorcycles, and UTVs. One of the winners within this year’s categories of cars is Michel Terpins. The veteran driver took the lead early on in the T1 prototype category and did not once relinquish it.

Michel Terpins win was the first in ten attempts of trying. He first took part in the Sertoes rally in 2002 where he raced in the motorcycle category. In all the editions he has taken part in since Terpins has raced in the T1 category with a modified T-Rex from the MEM motorsport support team. By winning the 2017 Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins has also risen to the National Cross Country Championship overseen by the Brazilian Automobile Confederation (CBA).

The Sertoes rally, if anything, is known for its complexity and thrill. With seven stages covering thousands of kilometers, the race has claimed many drivers. The hardest stage of the rally is the 3rd stage which is also known as the marathon stage. Over the entire course of the stage, drivers are not allowed to ask for any external mechanical assistance. Consequently, making it through this section requires not only speed but also restrain and durability. A testament to his driving skills, Michel Terpins took the lead during this third section.

In highlighting Terpins’s big win, it is important not to forget to mention his co-driver, Maykel Justo. The equally experienced Justo has taken part in multiple races over the course of his rally career. Over the last two Sertoes rally editions where they have worked together, the undeniable chemistry between Justo and Terpins had been clear for all to see.

Michel Terpins is also quite fortunate to have a strong support team behind him in the Bull Sertoes Team. He founded the team a few years ago with his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins, who also happens to be a rally driver.