Andrew Rolfe is Changing the Word of Charity

Andrew Rolfe is helping the Ubuntu Fund to cut through the red tape that plagues charitable donations and charity funds. What most people don’t know is that donations to charities often come with strict limitations on what the money can be used for within the organization. These limitations often keep non-profits from being able to put the money where it can do the best service for the people the money was meant to help. The Ubuntu Fund is seeking to change that.

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund want to make sure that non-profits have the funds that they need to operate, including the funds to train staff, run IT support, and encourage future donations. Eschewing huge donors with huge restrictions, raising smaller sums of money without limitations on how that money is spent allows them the freedom to make certain their cause will continue to operate, and they will be able to help the children of South Africa learn and grow. Andrew Rolfe has shown that this approach works, raising more than 10 million dollars in donations in one night at the Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner.

Rather than looking for the highest donations, the Ubuntu Fund is looking for the best donations, without restrictions, to help change the lives of impoverished children in South Africa. Andrew Rolfe has personally donated a hundred thousand dollars of no strings attached money to the Ubuntu Education Fund. As the chairman of the board of the Ubuntu Fund, he and the board of directors are looking to change the way people make charitable donations, and thanks to them, many nonprofits are now turning down donations with stipulations that narrow their ability to serve their cause.

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