Adam-Milstein’s Philanthropy Success

Adam Milstein is the co- founder and a national chairman of the Israel-American council. He is a native of Israel, an investor in real estate and a community leader. Adam is a very active philanthropist taking 187 positions among the top 200 influential philanthropists in the World. Adam graduated from Technion back in 1978, and later earned an MBA from USC in 1981.

Adam started his venture his venture in real estate career in southern California in 1983. He is currently the managing partner of a private real estate firm called the Hager pacific Properties. Adam has founded many organizations and partnered with many organizations with the aim of helping the Jewish people and the state at large. Some of the organizations he chairs include Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Founder Network, StandWithUs and many other organizations .With the support of his wife Gila, they founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America an organization providing Jewish-American families in United States with free monthly books in Hebrews.

According to a London-based publication Richtopia in cooperation with social media ranking system, Adam appears number 187 0f the most influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs in the World. In the list includes some of the prominent philanthropists like Warren Buffet, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Magic Johnson and many other leaders.

From his speech, Adam was much grateful and happy for this recognition on one of his grafting parts of his life. His gratitude was to his wife Gila, IAC and all the Jewish organizations he has partnership with in making the difference. He also gave assurance that the Milstein family foundation which their main focus is to strengthen the Jewish people and state of Israel will continue embracing the principles of active philanthropy. Adam Milstein also promised to continue funding the projects, foundations and Jewish to see the people of Israel and the state to see it grow.

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