A Review Of Don Ressler And His Contribution Towards Building JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has featured in several successful businesses, some of which he launched while in others he partnered with different experts like Adam Goldenberg. He has been in the online world as an entrepreneur for more than one decade and the solutions he has delivered have streamlined the shopping experience of different people. Don Ressler began his journey as an entrepreneur when he launched FitnessHeaven.com.

It is during this stage that he was able to learn about the industry trough trials and failures. He operated Fitness Heaven for few years before he sold the company over to Intermix Media in 2001. While initiating the transaction, he came across Adam Goldenberg, who was working at Intermix as their COO. Adam Goldenberg had similar dreams and aspirations as Ressler, so they decided to partner to build their next business together.

The duo worked together and after several sessions of brainstorming and planning, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to launch Alena Media, a company that would offer marketing and management services to businesses. The company performed well beyond their expectations and they were able to make huge profits from its advertising division.

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This retail company just changed its name

Understanding that they had special skills that would help them to build their online advertising practice, they decided to try out online retails where they could sell products directly while doing the marketing for themselves. This saw the birth of Intelligent Beauty, a company that offers beauty and fitness products. Launched in 2008, Intelligent Beauty has proved to be one of the most profitable businesses they ever run.

JustFab/ TechStyle Fashion Group
In 2010, Don Ressler and Goldenberg founded an online subscription retail that would offer adult fashion products. At inception, there was a lot needed to steer the company to its glory, so they borrowed $33 million from Matrix Ventures to finance the establishment of the business. The first round of funding served their plans well and in 2012, they decided to go for additional $76 million that would help in the expansion of the business to enter the Canadian, German and the UK markets.

To expand the business further, JustFab bought over FabKids, a subscription retail that stocks children fashion products. Despite the similarity in the names, the two companies did not have previous association.

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