A Glimpse into Brazil’s Legal System with Ricardo Tosto

Brazil’s legal system is definitely different from other nations but it is not unique. Brazil’s legal system operates on statutory law and this simply means that it uses a written set of laws to govern its system. In Brazil, judges perform acts such as litigation, examining witnesses, investigating the facts and appointing experts for questioning.

Attorney’s and lawyers in Brazil such as Ricardo Tosto are charged with constructing arguments for their clients. They will use their knowledge of the law to help their clients to win cases. They will even get to question the opposing party for evidence. This process is called discovery. Lawyers also have to know the other rules which govern Brazilian courtrooms.

Ricardo Tosto is a great lawyer in Brazil. He is one of the leading figures within this field. He has been around for a very long time and he has managed to win some big cases over the years. Ricardo Tosto knows how to really navigate Brazil’s extensive legal system. He is a rare lawyer that truly understands how the law works in Brazil.

Remember that judges play a more active role in Brazilian law. While this is true, this by no means limits the impact that an attorney has within this system. If you could ask Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto you would quickly realize that his skills and experience is just as complicated as that of any lawyers. He knows how important it is for him to be at the top of his game.

There are state and federal courts in Brazil. However, the nation does not rely so much on municipal courts to handle minor cases. Instead they have Courts of Justice which handle minor civil and criminal matters. Remember that judges within the Brazilian court systems do not decide law.

Instead, they judge a case by the written statute that is related to it. They also administer punishments or sentences according to what these written rules have already stated. So, a large part of written laws really impacts how many Brazilians live. Ask Ricardo Tosto and he will testify to this fact.

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