James Hope Gives to Anti Aging Cause

Jason Hope donated 500,000 dollars to SNES a foundation dedicated to stopping anti-aging. SNES works to give the public access to technology to help counter aging and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis. In a statement Jason Hope made about why he was so passionate about SNES, he said, ” Foundations like SNES are taking a different approach to anti-aging They are focused on finding cures for diseases that break down the body causing us to age faster than we should”

SNES is going to use the money that Jason Hope donated to learn how to break down unwanted molecular bonds. These bonds are a cause of many problems the elderly face such as Arteriosclerosis the hardening of arteries, long-sightedness, and skin aging. The contribution also helped the foundation set up a laboratory program in the United Kingdoms.

Jason Hope philanthropy efforts also reach to the Boys and Girls Club of America, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Teach for America, The World Wide Orphans Foundation, and the Arizona Science center where he is a member of the Directors Circle.

Another cause that Jason Hope is passionate about is to help students get started in technology. To help with this, he offers grants to seniors in high school and college. To apply for a grant students need to send in there ideas relating to technology.

Jason Hope is native to Arizona. He grew up in Tempe and now lives in Scottsdale. He earned a Masters degree at the University of Arizona. After graduation, he started a mobile communications company. Hope then went on to create several other companies. He now focuses on biotechnology and investing in startups.

He has recently released a book titled ” Understanding the Internet-of-things revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT era.” This book breaks down what society can expect from technology in the future.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

NGP VAN Eliminates “Cutting Turf”

In the world of political campaigning, “cutting turf” is not an esoteric term. Even though the average voter has never heard that term, most people have had a political campaign volunteer knock on their door to provide information about a political candidate. Going door-to-door by a volunteer or by the politician himself or herself is known as canvassing. Cutting turf is the development of walklists and maps volunteers use when they go door-to-door. What most people do not know, however, is the number of hours the canvass organizer spends before and after that volunteer raps on your door.

The first step in launching an effective canvassing campaign is to solicit volunteers and to develop lists of voters in a specific geographic area. Then walk lists and maps must be developed as an organizing strategy so a wide area can be canvassed without duplication of effort. A script is then prepared so when volunteers knock on a constituent’s door they have an important message to convey. After the canvassing is completed, the canvass organizer must compile and analyze the data. This process as outlined was all done by hand…until NGP VAN entered the picture.

NGP VAN is a software company that has developed an app known as MiniVAN. This free app that can be used on all iOS and Android devices processes all of the data the canvass organizer needs to run an effective and efficient ground game. MiniVAN eliminates hours of paperwork, and it eliminates “cutting turf.” “How NGP VAN’s Software Fixed Canvassing,” is an article that appears in the April 16, 2018, issue of an online, independent news blog, Chronicle of the Week.” This article details how NGP VAN and their app known as MiniVAN can provide support to Democratic campaigns in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

According to Haley Thompson, the author of the article, NGP VAN facilitates a “data-driven campaign strategy (that) results in strategic door-knocking.” NGP VAN makes voter-specific data available so canvassers can individualize their message. It is the personalization of the message to voters and taking that message to their front door, that will generate votes.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews from Patients

Becoming a doctor is harder than many people realize. The demands of work and medical school are arduous. Few people have the self-discipline to graduate from medical school and begin working in a medical career. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country today. Over the past few years, she has done a great job developing her medical practice. Anyone who wants to help her achieve her dreams can do so by working at her practice. She is currently hiring multiple medical professionals for her company. She now has more work than she can handle.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden works hard to provide quality service for her patients. She firmly believes that medical professionals should spend their time and energy helping patients look and feel better. As cosmetic surgery continues to develop, medical professionals will have more opportunities to enhance the experience of patients. Looking at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patient reviews, it is apparent that she cares about her clients. She gets positive reviews from almost everyone who uses her services. She continually stays busy trying to help all of the clients that she can.

Growing a Practice

When Dr. Jennifer Walden moved back to Dallas to start her medical practice, some people thought she was crazy. At the time, she was making significant money working in a hospital. However, she wanted to spend her time and energy helping clients feel great about themselves. She invested a lot of time and money into her medical practice. It is now one of the most successful companies in the Dallas area.

Stansberry Research Predicts High Market Volatility Due to Trade Wars

Japan has been worrying about deflation in recent years and has been acting to keep inflation rising. Stansberry Research, which specializes in investment research, has reported that The Bank of Japan increased inflation and raised stock prices by manipulating interest rates and increasing their quantitative easing programs beginning in 2016.

Now, Stansberry Research has gathered data from its independent research which suggests that there may be a change coming. Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has stated that it may be time to end the bank’s stimulus program. If they do end their stimulus package, it may mean a drop in Japanese stocks. While this may not be an immediate issue, it is important for stock owners to begin to make decisions.

It is not just changes in the Japanese economy which investors must be worried about; the impending trade war the United States is entering is bound to have a huge effect on stocks. Stansberry Research has a team of over two dozen analysts, some of whom are former hedge fund managers as well as many other financial experts. Their experts are very concerned about tariff’s which President Trump is seeking to impose on steel and aluminum. These tariffs would benefit a very few American’s, while the rest of us would bear the cost. Further, United States trading partners are likely to retaliate.

While it may be easy to assume that these tariffs could grow the steel industry back to its glory days, that is unlikely. When a team of researchers that contain experts in technology, short-selling, biotech, macroeconomic analysis, options trading and more, their research can definitely be trusted. Stansberry Research offers just this breadth of research expertise, and it has found that since the U.S. steel industry peaked in 1953, 80% of its jobs have been shed. Despite this, U.S. steel production has only reduced by under half.

There is little doubt that Stansberry Research has found some concerning information. Investors must be aware of even more market volatility, and learn how to make that volatility work in their favor.


What Equities First Holdings Performance Announcement Means to the Industry

A $1 billion in transactions is performance that made Equities First Holdings (EFH) proud to announce it during a 15-year anniversary. EFH started an operation in the United Kingdom in 2012. EFH has nearly 700 transactions, and it led to offices being opened in locations in China and Australia. EFH has a popular product called equity-loan. It allows the use of stocks as collateral. It is considered a no-purpose loan; therefore, when borrower is approved, the funds can be used for anything.

An individual or business can use the loan, and most people like the loan because it offers flexibility. A good example of a business using the equity loan shows the EFH’s repayment of a loan to CEO of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff. He used 1.5 million shares for collateral of a three-year term loan. He repaid the loan and EFH provided 9 million shares to help him reach his goals.

About Equities First Holdings: uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Jeff Aronin’s Bioscience Experience

For the purposes of coming up with a suitable drug development company that is bound to succeed and meet its purpose, first there is need to look into the problem facing most patients and what they need to better their lives, then create a plan on providing this need. There is also the need to look into the several diseases that are in existence currently and develop ways to combat some of them through the company. This has been the motto of one of the most successful bioscience establishment in the United States called Paragon. Paragon Biosciences is an establishment that owns several companies that all deal in drug development. The team at Paragon has dedicated their lives to making changing lives through biomedical based innovation under the leadership of Jeff Aronin.

Jeff Aronin has been the Chief Executive officer and chairperson at Paragon Biosciences for eight years now (Jeffaronin). He is a successful and respected entrepreneur, innovator and a mentor to many. He is a drug developer, rare diseases and complex science expert with more than two decades of experience in the biomedical sector. Jeff and his team of researchers and scientists who are under his mentorship and training have been able to develop around thirteen novel drugs that have gained the approval of the FDA over the years. This brings him out as one of the most successful bio-scientists in his era.

Other than Paragon, Aronin has also been the chief executive officer of Ovation Pharmaceuticals which is also a company that deals with drug development. He worked at Ovation for eight years and left when it was acquired by another company called Lundbeck. His vast experience in the sector also comes from several years of working in companies that deal with bio-pharmacy from all over the globe.

Jeff is an expert in handling finance, marketing brands, leadership and development of businesses. These are the skills in addition to his passion and commitment has made him who Jeff is today and earned him tons of recognition in the country including the 2017 Midwest Gala which was solely held to honor him and his excellence in his career and the numerous amount of lives that he has been able to impact.


Peter Briger: Co-Founding the Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a businessman and entrepreneur known for being one of the co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group. He was born in the city of San Francisco, California, and spent most of his childhood there. When he was in college, he decided to go to the Princeton University to take up a bachelor’s degree. He furthered his studies and took up an MBA degree at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania- Wharton School of Business. After he finished his studies, he entered the business and finance industry where he obtained more than two decades worth of skills and experiences.

His role at the Fortress Investment Group is the co-chairman of the company’s board of directors and the overall principal. Peter Briger describes his career to be at the helm, and his experiences in managing assets and finances have given him the key to becoming successful in his chosen career. Through his leadership, the Fortress Investment Group transformed into one of the largest and leading business when it comes to managing investments. Private sectors and other industries are the ones who receive the services from the Fortress Investment Group, and because of the trust that they have given the company, the assets being managed by the Fortress Investment Group grew tremendously, and it is now valued at $65 billion.

Being at the helm of success needs a lot of hard work and sacrifice. According to Peter Briger, he was elected to become the co-chairman of the board and the principal after he demonstrated capability to lead. Since 2002, he has been proposing a lot of projects for the company. Under his new positions, he is responsible for monitoring the status of the company’s credit fund and the condition of their real estate assets. When the company is in need of additional personnel, Peter Briger would always volunteer to help. His colleagues are welcoming his ability to address several issues within the company.

Peter Briger’s extensive history working in the financial industry is characterized by his endeavors to become successful. Some of the companies that he worked for in the past are the Goldman Sachs, serving as a partner; the Global Control and Compliance Committee and the Asian Management Committee, serving as one of the committee members; the Fixed Income Principal investment Group as a co-head and department head; the Asian Distressed Debt as a division head; and finally, at the Special Opportunities Asia Fund, which is basically a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs.

Aside from his stint within the financial and the business sector, Peter Briger is also known for his philanthropic activities. He is a frequent donor at several charitable institutions across the United States, and he is also rallying behind a global fund for children. He is also a member of different groups and organizations who work together to provide a better life for the future generations. He knew that the children should be taken care of, and be given education and all of the necessities of life because they are the ones who would become the next leaders of the world.

To know more visit @: www.crunchbase.com/person/randal-nardone

Sussex Healthcare Offers More Than Other Healthcare Facilities

Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes to be the best. They aren’t afraid to help their patients with options that other facilities can’t offer. They also do what they can to give people the chance at a better future because of the hard work they put into their facility. They know there are things that seniors can get from them that they can’t get from anywhere else around them. It is their way of being the best and their way of showing people they can get more from all the options they have. Thanks to Sussex Healthcare, the point of the senior healthcare facility has changed.

Before, senior care centers just focused on keeping seniors alive and comfortable. They didn’t care what it took or what seniors were doing. They only wanted to do their jobs and not go above and beyond for the seniors. Sussex Healthcare changed this by always putting the seniors first. Not only do they help them by making sure they’re safe and comfortable but they also help them by allowing them some time for entertainment and enrichment. They’ve spent most of their time working with other people so they can make things better for them.

Seniors who know how to get the help that allows them to see success are comfortable at Sussex Healthcare. The facility does what they can to promote different opportunities for seniors. They also try to show seniors they have more opportunities than others because of their unique position with Sussex Healthcare. There are times when the company works to give people a chance at a better future and that’s how they make sure people understand they’re doing things right. No matter how hard Sussex Healthcare works, they feel comfortable giving back to people who are in these facilities.

Even though Sussex Healthcare makes the right choices in the business world, they know there are things that will happen that allow them to keep growing. They also know there are things that give them a chance at a better future. If they can give seniors the best opportunities, they know it’ll help them be successful. Even though there are times when they struggle to make all the right decisions, Sussex Healthcare knows they’re doing the best and they’re doing everything right on their own. It is their way of allowing people to see things will keep working for them. They know how important giving back is.

Check more about Sussex Healthcare: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

Enhanced Athlete wins lawsuit against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete, a fitness, and nutrition company based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming was on the winning side of a lawsuit recently. A company by the name of Nutrition Distribution had accused Enhanced Athlete that the company was using false advertising with the intent to gain additional sales. Nutrition Distribution believes that they are in fact one of, if not the top leader in distributing products in the health and fitness industry. Nutrition Distribution claims that they should receive a settlement of some sort due to the false advertisement campaigns.


Nutrition Distribution took this to court with claims towards Enhanced Athlete for their false advertisements of their products. The court denied their motion, and sided with Enhanced Athlete. The statement that Nutrition Distribution had no way of proving the correlation between the advertising and the loss of generated sales and revenue for Nutritional Distribution was affected by anything Enhanced Athlete had been doing. It was also stated that the claim of false advertising on against Enhanced Athlete was pure speculation, and was not able to be proved valid in the court of law.


Enhanced Athlete is a fitness based company, that specializes in cutting edge products, with a scientific shortcut to building muscle, burning fat, as well increasing performance. Enhanced Athlete provides products that you might not come across in your neighborhood GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe. They offer a variety of help in the fitness world with video tutorials, guides, product reviews, and sales, as well as training guides Which can also be found on their other websites.


Enhanced Athlete also has multiple sister companies, Enhanced Coaching is a build for you type of fitness solution that creates a routine for your own personal coach. It also offers meal plans, to help keep your meals up to the standard of what your body needs during its custom workout programs. On top of that they offer a variety of other plans, or packages that differentiate based on preference.


Enhanced Gear is their merchandise company, that offers multiple different fitness related gym wear items. T-Shirts, hooded sweat shirts, tank tops, as well as shorts and sweat pants. They all use the Enhanced Athlete logo on them, and have interesting, and phrases on items.

A Review of NewsWatch TV’s Advertising Power

Every week NewsWatch TV airs a 30-minute show which reaches more than 200 markets within the U.S. Founded in 1989, NewsWatch has aired over 1000 episodes and reached an untold amount of consumers. NewsWatch covers content such as travel, tourism, medical breakthroughs, consumer information, business, fashion and more. They are also known for their national public awareness programs for non-profits. Further, they are an excellent place to advertise new crowdfunding campaigns for technology and other gadgets.

One company that has benefited from having its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign featured on NewsWatch is Avanca. When using Indiegogo, one only has 30 days to achieve their goal, or all monies are forfeited. Avanca needed to raise at least $10,000 to jumpstart their “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. With the help of NewsWatch, Avanca not only met their goal, the exceeded it by 2,939%, raising $456,551 in 30 days. Avanca is so impressed with the platform NewsWatch offers, they are using it for other crowdfunding goals.


NewsWatch is so successful at helping businesses such as Avanca because they reach over 96 million households in the United States. This breadth of reach that NewsWatch has is a benefit for businesses. In fact, NewsWatch has featured businesses we all know, such as D-Link, Goodyear, Ford, Bounty, Legos, and Toyota.

Not only does NewsWatch get to have well-known companies be featured on the show, they also have had the opportunity to feature celebrities. Ted Danson, Julianne Moore, Carrie Underwood, Diane Lane and more have been on NewsWatch in the past year alone. With such a wide audience, it is little surprise that so many businesses and celebrities want to further their brand utilizing NewsWatch’s network.