Cotemar Mexico Has Many Interesting Specialties

Cotemar is a distinguished Mexican business. It’s located in Campeche, Mexico. Cotemar focuses on gasoline and oil and is a prominent force in both worlds. It offers a wide range of useful services as well. Cotemar concentrates on the planning of offshore oil fields, first and foremost. It also concentrates on construction and maintenance work. Clients that need in-depth assistance with accommodations, catering and maritime support functions can turn to Cotemar with ease. Clients that need dependable assistance with the transportation of supplies and individuals can turn to the company with ease as well.

Cotemar relies on designated vessels to take on many of its vital services. Cotemar has been working with Pemex (short for “Petroleos Mexicanos”) since 1979. That’s the year it was incorporated. The team members who work for Cotemar strive to give clients access to answers that are effective, dependable and thorough.

According to Crunchbase, Cotemar is a strong example of a firm that’s perpetually in motion. Nothing ever stops for the Cotemar crew. The professionals who work for this company are changing and improving on a regular basis. That’s why the company’s services are also changing and improving nonstop. Cotemar works to expand its available service options.

The company depends on all kinds of process equipment devices in its quest to get stronger and stronger. Clients that are looking for detail-oriented guidance that pertains to modern maritime support vessels and high-quality engineering expertise can get a lot out of looking to Cotemar.

This noted company has quite a few remarkable certifications on its side. A couple examples of its plentiful certifications are Safety Management and International Air Pollution Prevention.

Cotemar is a firm that has a solid grasp of the planet’s intense air pollution problem. It’s also a firm that strives to change that problem on a daily basis. Cotemar is a firm that understands top-quality safety management practices of all varieties.

People can find out more about Cotemar by visiting its official website. The company website is bright, modern and attractive. It’s also simple to navigate and understand. It has text in English and Spanish. Cotemar offers much more than just an informative and user-friendly company website. Learn more about Cotemar:

That’s because it’s also a group that cares deeply about social media platforms. People can learn about Cotemar and its many specialties by checking out the firm’s presences on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. People can reach the Cotemar team by email.

Andrew Rolfe is Changing the Word of Charity

Andrew Rolfe is helping the Ubuntu Fund to cut through the red tape that plagues charitable donations and charity funds. What most people don’t know is that donations to charities often come with strict limitations on what the money can be used for within the organization. These limitations often keep non-profits from being able to put the money where it can do the best service for the people the money was meant to help. The Ubuntu Fund is seeking to change that.

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund want to make sure that non-profits have the funds that they need to operate, including the funds to train staff, run IT support, and encourage future donations. Eschewing huge donors with huge restrictions, raising smaller sums of money without limitations on how that money is spent allows them the freedom to make certain their cause will continue to operate, and they will be able to help the children of South Africa learn and grow. Andrew Rolfe has shown that this approach works, raising more than 10 million dollars in donations in one night at the Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner.

Rather than looking for the highest donations, the Ubuntu Fund is looking for the best donations, without restrictions, to help change the lives of impoverished children in South Africa. Andrew Rolfe has personally donated a hundred thousand dollars of no strings attached money to the Ubuntu Education Fund. As the chairman of the board of the Ubuntu Fund, he and the board of directors are looking to change the way people make charitable donations, and thanks to them, many nonprofits are now turning down donations with stipulations that narrow their ability to serve their cause.

Finance Is Not The First Career Of Former Viper Member Cassio Audi

The career of the financial expert Cassio Audi may have taken in some of the largest investment groups in the world, such as J.P. Morgan Chase and many large Brazilian financial institutions, yet many heavy metal fans know the name of the investment specialist for very different reasons. Prior to returning to Sao Paulo University to complete his education, Cassio Audi was the teenage drummer of the influential heavy metal band Viper; one of the best known Brazilian bands in the world who rose to initial prominence as part of the new wave of 1980s heavy metal.

It was in Viper that Cassio Audi first found fame as a drummer in 1985 when he joined the heavy metal band alongside a group of local teenagers who shared an interest in British heavy metal bands. The birth of Viper came as Cassio Audi and his fellow band mates came to value the influence of the British band “Iron Maiden” who they used as their major influence in the writing and performance of their first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Cassio Audi has a long history of finding success in both of his chosen careers in both finance and as a heavy metal performer; Audi has been a leading investment figure for a number of years and also brought with him a large amount of skill as a musician in the heavy metal genre. Viper remain a popular band, but the first incarnation of this influential heavy metal group has continued to be classed as the classic lineup taking in a number of important songs and genre defining motifs over the course of its existence; Cassio Audi and his fellow members of Viper who performed on the “Soldiers of Sunrise” album were praised for having such high levels of musicianship at such a tender age.

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The OSI Group Is Working Hard To Help People Stay Healthy

People often forget that until quite recently, food used to be the biggest concern in most people’s lives. Starvation and malnutrition were something that was in the back of most people’s minds throughout most of human history. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case for most of the modern world.

But every now and then it’s worth taking a step back to appreciate the people who ensure that most people will never need to fear an empty belly. Even more appreciation should be shown for companies that not only manage that feat, but do so while protecting other aspects of the natural world. And this is exactly what happened recently when the OSI Group received the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council.

The OSI Group received formal recognition for their proven track record of environmental safety. The company’s main goal is to provide food to a variety of different industries. But there’s quite a few ways in which a company might go about it. The OSI Group has always held to a philosophy of environmental responsibility. Their high standards gained them some high honors from the British Safety Council. They went on to add that leadership is an especially important part of any movement toward excellence. The award isn’t simply about noting that a company has gone above and beyond. The award is also about showcasing examples for other companies to follow in the future.

The OSI Group’s success is helping them improve the overall state of affairs in the food industry as a whole. The company is constantly expanding, and taking their high standards with them. For example, they recently purchased one of the larger Tyson food plants. In doing so they saved the jobs of quite a few employees. This also meant that OSI’s high standards were able to expand into a new area.

OSI’s expansion highlights the importance of their award. When a company does well then it’s natural for the business world to take note. The practices and general ethos within a company are often held out as a framework to achieve equal success. When companies see that the high standards of OSI are a path to recognition and success than they’re likely to want to learn from them.

Where Beneful Brand Dog Food Outshines the Rest

To be able to compare one brand dog food to another, first you have to look at them side by side. Looking inside the bowl of Beneful brand dog food, you see real pieces of fruit, decent size bits of veggies, and large chunks of real chicken. Does any other brand of dog food put so much focus on the quality of the food?

That is not the only reason to consider Beneful brand dog food. It might look great, but what about nutritional value? This is where you will discover that Beneful really distances themselves from the rest of those in this market. Each bag of Beneful brand dog food has 23 essential vitamins and mineral. Now add into the mix that this brand also eliminates those fillers that you find in many popular brand dry dog foods. Less fillers and more healthy ingredients, just another reason pet owner are making the switch to Beneful.

The advantages don’t end there. Take a look at the Purina dog food facilities, and these US-based facilities have workers who are dog owners too who will only feed their pets this brand because they see exactly what goes into every bag. What more do you need to convince you?

Tammy Mazzocco on Ohio’s Rising Real Estate Market

Ohio’s real estate market continues to rise at an increasing rate. According to Tammy Mazzocco, real estate agent, this is the ideal time to sell in the Ohio area. The average selling price of a condo in Ohio is almost 200,000 dollars. That is a significant increase from just the past year alone, and these values continue to rise with no end in sight. There have been very few stalls and dips in the Ohio market within the past few years.

There is new construction scheduled to be completed within the year. 240 new homes will be built in the New Albany, Ohio area and this project is expected to bring even greater value to the housing market. This will lead to a new community that will continue to grow, thrive, and most importantly, attract new home buyers.

Currently, the cost of living in Ohio is much lower than most other places in the United States. The public school is Ohio is known to be very impressive and produce great results. In fact, they are recognized nationally as one of the best public school in the United States. Additionally, the job market is growing very quickly in Ohio and it is relatively easy to secure a middle class job in that area. You can visit Yelp to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco is an experienced real estate agent in the Ohio area. She previously worked with Mike Zelnik, well known realtor, before getting her license. Tammy Mazzocco achieved her real estate license in 1995 after being convinced to try it out by a manager of Scotland Yard.

Tammy Mazzocco then went on to become a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni, an impressive RE/MAX producer. This led Mazzocco to pursue real estate a full-time career. She now sells residential properties in the Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield countries.

Get A Quality Pet Food Formulated For Your Dog

Great pet food options are available at select Walmart retailers, but best of all, they carry the Beneful brand. You can take advantage of additional savings through BenefulWalmart rollback offers or visit the Beneful website for coupons worth up to 20% off. All natural ingredients like rice, carrots, green beans, beef, and chicken are packed in each brand of their popular pet food. You can listen to your pets opinion through the constant wagging of the tail at mealtime. There are a number of pet owners around the world that are choosing the Beneful name over other competitor brands 10 to 1.

Did you know Beneful is packed with ingredients that help your pet maintain a healthy heart? That’s right, they have quality products in mind as well as your pet companions overall health. Feeding your pet a healthy meal is as easy as a trip to your local Walmart. Enjoy a wet or dry dog food collection that is available for pets of all sizes. They also offer great treats for an outing at the park, obedience training, and a great snack. Make your pet happy with a great selection of pet wet dog food products that are available at your local Walmart.

About Beneful dog food :

John Bell Joins Rick Smith’s Securus Technologies

Recently, Securus Technologies added John Bell, a senior sales executive, to its leadership team. Bell will serve the leading provider of civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, monitoring, public safety, and investigation as the senior vice president of sales. He is expected to develop a high-tech software-based sales group. The team will complement the firm’s growing portfolio of more than 800 products for the law enforcement and correctional facilities.

Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, noted that they had invested $600 million in the purchase and development of hundreds of security, safety, and efficiency-related products. To this end, they need to add an important sales executive who has extensive experience in the area of transforming and evolving sales teams. Bell has a reputation of changing organizational cultures and enhancing the performance and growth of the companies that he has previously worked for. He is also revered for developing remarkable sales leaders. Visit for more info.

Bell has rendered his services in the field for over 35 years. Bell has worked for IBM, one of the top high-tech sales business processes as well as people development companies. Bell is a proud alumnus of Wharton School of Business where he pursued his postgraduate studies. He is also a graduate of Kellogg School of Management. Notably, Bell has worked for AT&T, NTT Verio, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon. Mr. Bell will be in charge of the firm’s sales team of 100 people. Josh Conklin, the current sales vice president for the company, will report directly to Bell. The two experts will work together to achieve Securus Technologies’ goals.

Smith said that if their correction and law enforcement partners understood all the solutions that they offer, they would win every new contract. The company has been improving its product and service offing. Presently, they offer complex solutions having fined security, safety, and productivity tools. To present their products effectively, the company’s sales team has to evolve. Bell’s record of remarkable performance matches that of Securus Technologies. The leadership team of the corporation is willing to partner with Bell to enhance its products and solutions.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is also the chairman of Securus Technologies. The company focuses on offering technologies that seek to enhance public safety and improve communications in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has been investing in product and service development to help law enforcement agencies to prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith noted that Securus Technologies has received thousands of letters and emails from their customers. The clients appreciate how the firm has continued to offer adequate services to help keep inmates and their families safer. He added that incorporating safety into Securus Technologies’ DNA is a part of firm’s honor of being socially responsible. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Equities First is a Great Option of Lending Solutions For Borrowers

Equities First is a lending solutions option for businesses and high net-worth individuals who may be seeking to obtain a loan for a myriad of purposes. They may be seeking to obtain a loan for the purposes of purchasing machinery, tools, equipment, and/or other types of assets for their business. They may even be seeking capital in the form of a loan to keep as a form of an emergency fund should anything happen to their business that may potentially cause them to shut it down. In such a case, the capital that they are able to borrow from a lender who is willing to work with them on loan amounts and interest rates may have been what enabled them to sustain their business and not shut down its operations.

High net-worth individuals often have trouble with obtaining loans in the amounts and with the interest rates that they seek. By speaking to a representative of Equities First, you may be able to obtain a loan in the amount(s) that you’re seeking. Please feel free to speak to a representative of Equities First today, as they may be able to provide you with guidance pertaining to your loan request. It’s also important to note that Equities First is offering high net-worth individuals an opportunity in which they’re capable of requesting non-purpose loans. A non-purpose loan utilizes securities as forms of collateral, with proceeds being utilized to purchase things that are not considered as being additional securities.

Equities First has created a website that makes it easy for visitors to navigate through. If you would like to learn more about the organization and exactly what they’re offering, please feel free to speak to a representative who’ll be more than happy to guide you in your path to obtaining a loan that may be suitable for you.

New ClassDojo App Set to Revolutionize Parent-Teacher Communication

Recently, venture funding has been raised to fund the technology behind the ClassDojo App which provides parents with a direct line of communication with their children’s educators. This will provide a more constant and consistent line of communication that will be able to relay progress of the student in all of their activities. It will also provide a chance for parents to be kept apprised of their child’s development behaviorally and socially. That makes being proactive to issues of concern much easier.


In the past, teacher communication with parents has happened only at set times throughout the year. These progress reports may have been helpful to some but when issues developed over the year, they may not be addressed until that parent-teacher meeting is set up. Student achievement may be seriously compromised in the meantime. This is an idea for technology that is a long time coming and allows teachers and parents to work together in a more productive manner.


Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the cofounders of the app and since closing the latest round of investments in late 2015, they are organizing their team and making the final edits as to exactly what feature should be on the app. They want to encourage meaningful communication between parents and teachers throughout the school day. Parents should be able to use the app at home as well to be updated on homework assignments or other responsibilities. The app will be able to be used as a guide for conversations at home to support and/or enhance the learning that is taking place in the classroom. This is a revolutionary connection that should make students more productive and successful.


The easy to use app allows teachers to easily post the schedule of activities that will be happening throughout the day and to take photos and videos of those participating and quickly and easily send them to parents. The culture that will be created will be more of a team community between teachers, parents and students. Educators can also send examples of good work and keep parents updated on grades and progress.


ClassDojo has been a free app to teachers and is used in approximately 1 out of every 2 schools in the United States. They provide teachers with the ability to safely share wonderful classroom moments with parents. It has helped build a culture of cooperation between the three participants in the education process, teachers, parents and students. It is believed that ClassDojo could one day become a social media platform for education that is as popular as Facebook or Instagram.