Josh Verne and Knowledgeformen

Josh Verne has over twenty years of experience in management and building companies from scratch. His vision and acumen reflect a management style that gets things done through others because he has done this, so it is evident that his management style gets results.


Verne is known throughout business circles as the CEO of, a college based informational forum that caters to students and millennials.


In his latest venture,, Verne sets forth the principles that have helped him to become successful in a managerial capacity. A manager who forces his employees to respect him or her is missing the boat, as leadership is earned through exhibiting results, which in turn, creates respect.


Another attribute that is vital for management, according to Josh Verne is to be a good listener. Employees have good ideas, and it is a good practice for a manager to listen much, and speak less.


Learning how to lead a balanced life is very important for men, and especially men who are in leadership positions. Just chasing the money or positions in life can lead to a very unbalanced situation in other areas. By the same token, a man’s family life and what is involved there can be perfect, but if the man is not earning enough in the way of income, his family will suffer.


It is good for a man to be realistic regarding his situation in all areas and decide what he needs to work on to bring out the best in all sectors. Time allocation is one of the keys to this dilemma which is sometimes difficult to measure, but putting things down on paper is a great help in this area.


One huge factor for men and their relation to everything around them is to determine what they are passionate about, and then find the keys to pursuing that passion. Verne states that there are very few successful people who lack passion for what they do. If a man does not have a passionate goal that “puts fire in his belly” he will not get too far in any endeavor.


Passion and purpose are what drives a successful man, and that is contagious to those around him, states Verne.

Bruce Levenson Involved In Lawsuit Against Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson, part of the former Hawks ownership group, has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. Levenson put the Atlanta Hawks went on the market last January and the team was purchased by entrepreneur Antony Ressler who paid roughly $850 million. Along with his former ownership of the Hawks, Levenson is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group.

Levenson also served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and has been the President of the “I Have A Dream Foundation” of Washington as well as much involvement with numerous other philanthropic groups.

Levenson is now involved in the lawsuit that was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County in September for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Levenson claims his former company was insured under a policy that included coverage for certain losses related to employment practices including wrongful termination. In April of 2015, notice was given to the insurance company for claims that should have been covered.

In a report by ESPN News, former Hawks ownership reached a buyout agreement with Ressler in June of 2015. Per court documents, the claim amount is undisclosed and the suit states the confidential limits of liability stated within the insurance policy are sufficient for the former Hawks ownership claim. The lawsuit goes on to state that the insurance company has refused to even acknowledge the claim or that the policy has been triggered. Thus making this a breach of contract between the two parties.

While the full amount has not been disclosed, the lawsuit seeks an additional 50% penalty of the unpaid loss and the attorneys fees. The insurance company, thus far, has not been available for comment.


Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings Company, since its inception in 2002, has provided its clients and highly-esteemed customers with the alternative financial solutions using stocks as collateral. For the company, it has engaged in the supply of fast working capital against the publicly-traded stocks to help their clients meet their daily needs together with their professional and personal goals. Equities First Holdings Company prides these capitals against the shares which are traded on most stock exchange communities in the world. For this reason, Equities First Holdings Company has completed more than 2,000 transactions.

Equities First Holdings Company is a worldwide company which has offices in more than nine countries in the world. For this reason, we can denote that it has its presence in every continent. This means that it is near o everyone who needs the fast working capital using stocks as collateral. The company has wholly owned subsidiaries Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd., Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited.

Equities First Holdings Company has specialized in the issuance of stock-based loans to high-net-worth individuals and companies. It has shown its prowess as a leader in alternative financial solutions. For this reason, it has gained adoption on a massive scale. For the company, the stock-based and margin loans form the basis of their business. They engage in the issuance of fast working capital that is characterized by low-interest rates. The stock-based loans, which is better that margin loans, has a high loan-to-value ratio than any other credit-based loans offered by banks and other financial institutions. According to the company, this specialization is one of the most innovative ways of developing a client-base.

During this era of a harsh economic crisis, banks and other financial solutions companies have tightened their lending criteria. For this reason, they have also increased their interest rates to scare away most of the applicants. Therefore, most people are out there looking for other alternative financial solutions to secure fast working capital. For those borrowers who do not qualify for the credit-based loans and are in need of fast working capital, Equities First Holdings Company has gained traction as a leading alternative financial solution company that uses stocks as collateral. According to Al Christy, there are marked differences between margin loans and stock-based loans.

Gooee Gives LED Lighting An Upgrade

We all know LED is the most energy efficient form of lighting, consuming a mere 1/6 of the energy an incandescent bulb would, and lasting up to 25 times longer. Now it’s becoming even more efficient and smart. Gooee has developed the smallest IoT (Internet of Things) sensor for LED lighting.

It does all this while also monitoring and providing control over the performance of the lighting.

Designed for commercial and industrial use, Gooee’s smart lighting system also allows for the integration of 3rd party apps and sensors. This means the system has the potential to track not only customers through a store but products from the warehouse to the point of sales as well, giving retailers and manufacturers a leg up.

Fabulous Style with Fabletics

Fabletics is an online retailer founded by Kate Hudson that specializes in sportswear and accessories, particularly for women. Membership costs $50/month and includes a variety of benefits. Members can access catalogs online, receive exciting deals via email, and customize their own outfits. In 2015, Fabletics began to open retail stores in malls across the country to supplement its extensive selection online.

To accompany a recent gym membership, I went to a Fabletics store to view athletic clothing options. I was unfamiliar with fitness clothing, but the workers knew exactly what to do. They asked for a few measurements and the details of my training schedule. Giving me a handout with some options, they then directed me online as well where I could view even more selections. They assured me that everything would be customized to my preferences, and after browsing through their offerings in the store, I was extremely impressed with their standards. All the materials were flexible and looked very comfortable. While waiting for them to grab some leggings from the back, I talked to a nearby customer who was in a similar position, although she had much more experience. She told me that orders were prompt, efficient, and always correct. She had never encountered any drawbacks from Fabletics, and although she had some fitness clothing at home, the options at Fabletics are state of the art in terms of comfort and style. She assured me as well that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Even more importantly, they were stylish in the gym that afternoon. Fabletics contacted me by email to check whether everything was to my liking. I really appreciate this type of communication, because past retail stores have operated like large businesses with no concern for the customer. Fabletics even sent me a coupon and details on how to join their store online. Overall, I would highly recommend Fabletics to any individual who wants to be active and stylish at the same time.

A Review Of Don Ressler And His Contribution Towards Building JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has featured in several successful businesses, some of which he launched while in others he partnered with different experts like Adam Goldenberg. He has been in the online world as an entrepreneur for more than one decade and the solutions he has delivered have streamlined the shopping experience of different people. Don Ressler began his journey as an entrepreneur when he launched

It is during this stage that he was able to learn about the industry trough trials and failures. He operated Fitness Heaven for few years before he sold the company over to Intermix Media in 2001. While initiating the transaction, he came across Adam Goldenberg, who was working at Intermix as their COO. Adam Goldenberg had similar dreams and aspirations as Ressler, so they decided to partner to build their next business together.

The duo worked together and after several sessions of brainstorming and planning, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to launch Alena Media, a company that would offer marketing and management services to businesses. The company performed well beyond their expectations and they were able to make huge profits from its advertising division.

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This retail company just changed its name

Understanding that they had special skills that would help them to build their online advertising practice, they decided to try out online retails where they could sell products directly while doing the marketing for themselves. This saw the birth of Intelligent Beauty, a company that offers beauty and fitness products. Launched in 2008, Intelligent Beauty has proved to be one of the most profitable businesses they ever run.

JustFab/ TechStyle Fashion Group
In 2010, Don Ressler and Goldenberg founded an online subscription retail that would offer adult fashion products. At inception, there was a lot needed to steer the company to its glory, so they borrowed $33 million from Matrix Ventures to finance the establishment of the business. The first round of funding served their plans well and in 2012, they decided to go for additional $76 million that would help in the expansion of the business to enter the Canadian, German and the UK markets.

To expand the business further, JustFab bought over FabKids, a subscription retail that stocks children fashion products. Despite the similarity in the names, the two companies did not have previous association.

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Stay Styling With Creative Makeup Hacks With Wengie

Everybody loves makeup hacks! They are cheap and clever ways to look better, feel better, and find better ways to store your makeup. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of these on your own. That’s where beauty and fashion bloggers come in handy! Through years of trial and error, they’ve discovered what works! Wengie is one of those people. She has some of the best makeup hacks out there, all available on YouTube.


Many people in the world have trouble contouring their makeup. Even after years of experience and watching videos online, it can still be tricky. Wengie discovered that to get the best contour on your nose, all you need is a fork! All you have to do is position the fork on your nose, color in the middle line, and then blend! Nose contouring freehand has never been simpler all thanks to this hack with a common kitchen utensil.


Eyebrows can often be unruly. This is especially true when you wake up or when you’re outside all day. They can have a mind of their own and go any which way. Wengie teaches us that you can tame your eyebrows just by spraying a toothbrush with hairspray. Then, simply run the toothbrush through your eyebrows. It helps keep them on fleek even in the windiest of conditions. They’ll stay in place and look flawless.


Wengie is the same way and she teaches us that we can reinvent our expired eyeshadow! All you have to do is buy a container of clear nail polish, mix in the expired eyeshadow, and shake! You’ll have fun new colors. You can even get creative and mix colors. Add more pigments for stronger colors.


Looking for a way to do winged liner but can’t just figure it out? Simply cut a piece of tape into a 45 degree angle and line it up with the outside of your eye. Draw across the edge to create the line and then color it in. It’s simple and flawless everytime. Wengie says that she wouldn’t be able to do her makeup without this nifty little hack.