Traveling Vineyard Lets Wine Aficionados Turn Their Passion into Cash

Wine has been savored around the world for centuries. But can you make money while enjoying it? One company is giving wine lovers an opportunity to turn their fondness for reds and whites into an at-home business with flexible hours and the chance to earn some extra monthly income.

Traveling Vineyard, based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to become wine guides and organize wine tasting events. With access to dozens of types and vintages that include reds, whites and sweet and fizzy wines, wine guides organize wine tasting parties for their friends and family who then place direct orders for the bottles they like the most. Previous expertise in wine isn’t required, as Traveling Vineyard offers guides everything they need to learn and get started with its Success Kit. The kit includes enough bottles of wine for two tasting events, tasting glasses, bottle carries and other accessories. It also includes a Sommology kit that has everything wine guides need to know to get started. Information on food pairings, wine characteristics and more can all be found in this kit. Order forms, marketing material and a set-up guide are also included to allow wine guides to start making money as soon as possible. Traveling Vineyard also has an extremely helpful support system located in their Massachusetts headquarters that provides guides with any assistance they need, whether its reordering supplies for tasting events, order issues, or even technical issues with their website.

Unlike other home-based sales businesses, wine guides don’t need to recruit more sellers in order to make money. Customers order directly from the company after sampling wines, and wine guides earn money based on their sales. The frequency and scheduling of tasting events is completely up to the wine guide in this extremely flexible business model that allows each guide to create their own work-life balance.

Besides the support system, Traveling Vineyard connects new wine guides with mentors in their area that offer them priceless hands-on experience in organizing tasting events and successfully promoting the products. Traveling Vineyard is also on social media, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and is ready to help wine guides and their customers with any questions they might have.

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Greg Secker – Accomplished Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Just from the center of his parlor, Greg Secker set out to bring change into the world via forex trade training. In a past meeting, Greg gave tips to his followers on the best way to be significant in the present circumstances. With an ‘I am not a why fellow’ Philosophy, Greg Secker has dependably upheld for saying yes to difficulties and assignments that come his way and using them as a greater way for greater future.

To date, Greg Secker has shared his passion and knowledge in forex trading for more than 6000 times in global and local platforms. Greg’s platform has bared fruits and saw the starting of Greg Secker Foundation which was at first settled with the end goal of youth strengthening. Greg has faith in giving youth the vital information and skills that will empower them to pave the way for their future and flourish in business while they are young.

The establishment has before helped various victims, for instance, the Philippines ‘Hurricane Haiyan’ to reconstruct their homes and begin once more. Through this project, the Greg Secker Foundation looks forward to empower, educate and provide people with new skills to help them in future opportunities. Greg aspires to see that the new venture will establish the framework for a reasonable model that goes past myriads of generations.

Greg Secker is likewise resolved to advocate for the combination of generosity to flourishing businesses and business people in everyday operations. As of late named member of the Board of Ambassadors, Greg has attained leverage to ensure the City remains in light of coming causes.

Greg Secker is a productive altruist, speaker and clever business visionary who is situated in the UK. As the years progressed, Greg has possessed the capacity to accumulate acknowledgment which is attributable to his effective practices, especially in his magnanimous and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is a world acclaimed foreign trade professional who has managed to go past the performing trading strategies that operate. Presently, Greg Secker is the of late the proprietor of Smart Charts Software, Learn to exchange, and Capital Index.

Rocketship Education’s Tutoring of Its President, Preston Smith, in Its Very First Decade

Education opens doors in furthering one’s career in academia, finding jobs at higher-paying entities, more rapidly moving up ranks of managerial roles, not to mention many other general lifestyle applications. While America is loaded with schools – homeschooling programs, public, private, charter, boarding – in general, not all of them offer sufficient preparatory work for succeeding in college, or life in general.

Most everybody is familiar with economic inequality, most simply explained with the wholly-colloquial statement “The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.” One effect of the wage gap between – making up the majority of America – the lower- and middle-classes and – on the other hand, making up no more than 2% to 3% of the total population in the United States – upper-class individuals and families, includes areas at economic disadvantage having very curriculum- and resource-poor schools.

When Preston Smith graduated college and first became an early childhood educator in the city he’d spent all his life, San Jose, he saw firsthand how bad low-income, culturally-diverse schools were. Rather than doing nothing, he became principal of two schools and founded one prior to the birth of Rocketship Education in the summer months of 2007. Throughout those first ten years of operating Rocketship, Smith learned the following things about low-income pedagogical applications in public charter schools:

Charter schools are able to receive funding from governments and private investors without having to adhere to guidelines local school boards set out. Even though they’re not required to listen to school board members, community members, or anyone else, all 18 of Rocketship’s location pay close attention to what people have to say. This results in a well-rounded perception of current events in RSED’s nearby communities.

Those with disabilities are included in general classes for a whopping 80% of their time spent at school. According to Preston, this is called the meaningful-inclusion model.

Bringing in teachers that fit racial, ethnic, and demographic backgrounds of students helps them pay attention and exhibit more respect to teachers.

Lastly, in order to craft personalized learning plans with fine-haired detail, teachers make house visits to students’ homes and discuss how they live, behave, and think. Without these house calls, personalized education would be much more difficult, not to mention less effective.

George Soros’ Political Involvement for a Beter World

George Soros is one of the few people on earth who is looking forward to leaving the world in a better place than they first found it. While he is one of the richest billionaires in the world, George Soros has always worked to become part of the solution to the problems affecting the minority groups and communities all over the world through the Open Society Foundations. This is perhaps the reason why he has made a good name for himself during his later days. George Soros has made a fortune by betting against the major currencies in the world through his capability to secure fast income solutions in a manner that predicts better business. If you are among the few who achieve better business, you could activate your independent business solutions by solving the problems you have with the best in the industry. Few people are striving to solve the many problems facing the world. However, George Soros has done it all and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

First of all, let us talk about George Soros’ involvement in politics. When you look at the political nature of the world, few people have ever achieved through solving the problems many people are facing. For this reason, we might have noticed that the world will be a better place if we had better leaders taking up the various government positions through the general elections in the country and what George Soros knows. One person has always stood ahead of the rest to put these thoughts into action. This is because he deems himself responsible for his actions. If he achieves the best in the industry, the people who surround him must also feel his presence for better business values and more information click here.

The people who have been around George Soros have discovered that George Soros is now more into politics than any other time in the past. This is due to the massive amounts of money he has bumped into the political nature of the Democrats to help them win the general elections. George Soros is also working towards making the world a better place by working towards funding the people who stand for what he believes will make the country better for both the fortunate and less fortunate in the United States and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros was born in Hungary when the Nazi Occupation was harsh on the Jews who were in the country. The Nazi Occupation started by denying job opportunities for the learned Jews because their population in the country had outgrown the indigenous people. For this reason, they commenced exterminating the people because they thought they were out to take the various opportunities. Therefore the Hungarians. The Nazi Occupation swept away the Jews through waging war against their business and community fortresses. However, George Soros survived the harsh rule and Follow his Twitter.

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Madison Street Capital, the true definition of a company with a proven record

Madison Street Capital, MSC, is an investment banking firm that deals with the provision of a wide array of financial services. The company was founded in 2005, it specializes in corporate advisory, valuation of financial reporting, financial ideas for the middle-market companies, and business valuation.

The main aim of MSC is to provide the best possible mergers and acquisition advisory services for its clients. They also assist their clients in understanding the true picture of the company in question’s state and the possibility of future growth opportunities.

By assisting its clients in gaining access to credit, go through complex business transactions, and make smart investment choices, they have earned a reputable name for themselves.

In 2014, Madison Street Capital assisted Vital Care Industries, a sterile medical supplies company, select a suitable commercial loan lender to the business. This pleased the management of Vital Care Industries. A year later, Anthony Marsala, the co-founder of MSC was selected for the 40 Under Forty award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

This program only honors young business leaders who have had impressive accomplishments when dealing with mergers and valuations. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

After facilitating the best industrial merger that was valued below $100 million, MSC was named M&A Advisor Awards finalist in 2016. In January 2017, MSC won the Turnaround Award. This was after the 2016 restructuring transaction that was valued below $25 million. MSC competed with over 300 companies to qualify for the award. The M&A Advisor’s president commended MSC in March.

In 2017, MSC assisted in the merger of DCG Software and The Spitfire Group. Through their wise advice to DCG Software, the transaction was successful. MSC later came to serve ARES Security Corporation as their sole advisor when they were going through an investment transaction that involved marginal recapitalization and subordinated debts. It was an act of pure trust for ARES to use MSC during its highly sophisticated transaction.

In March the same year, MSC worked on a sales-leaseback deal that was valued at over $13 million with SCF Realty Capital, a Texas-based company. They offered financial advice to Maryland company which is also known as WLR Automotive Group.

Madison Street Capital also arranged for the financing of Maintenance Systems Management, MSM. The president of MSM complimented MSC for a job well done, this is after MSC had promptly met his company’s needs.

MSC is also known for their philanthropic efforts. They donated money in 2011 after severe weather damaged the Eastern and Midwestern United States. They are also known to contribute to reputable non-profit organizations which include the United Way and the American Red Cross. They also encourage their website visitors to do the same through their website.

MSC has achieved tremendous success through employing highly educated professionals to provide an extensive range of valuable advice to well-respected businesses that are in need. More information on MSC’s success and services can be found on

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Avaaz gives a voice to people around the globe

Avaaz means song or voice in Persian. It is mostly an online-organization at the moment, but it is expanding its effort into real-world protests and to organizing disparate group of activists who are interested in different causes. The causes, for the most part, are all considered progressive causes. So far, only the issue of net neutrality falls out of the progressive bubble.


The current focus of Avaaz is to demonstrate leadership through people who are trying to serve the world. The form of servant leadership encouraged by the organization is not easily grasped at first, but it is easy to understand in concept. Avaaz wants to encourage others to engage in leadership through example. The site lets people start their own petitions and organize protests about the causes they care about.

Members can also use the resources provided by the site to spread news about protests related to important causes, and keep up on the latest news involving many progressive ideals. The organization, which takes its name for Persian, started almost six years ago. In 2011, the Arab Spring and Iranian protests were in full swing. Members of Avaaz helped Iranian protesters by setting up proxy servers. The protesters could use these servers to upload videos of the protests on public web sites.

The organization continues the work it started five years ago, and it is working to oppose some of the more extreme policies favored by the current presidential administration. It does not have a US-focus, however. It works with like-minded people around the globe.

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OSI Group’s Expansion to the International Heights

It is common that everyone questions the origin of the food at the supermarkets whenever they go to purchase. The purchasing technique utilized for the ingredients is rarely an important part of the business, but it is important to understand the firms offering the services. Even though there exist several enterprises of food production, only a few are well established, and OSI Group is one of them.

Aurora, Illinois is the location of the firm’s headquarters. The impact of the company, however, extends beyond the coverage. The company offers an international reach which providing jobs and food globally. Looking at the food items that the company offers, the Group has its focus on the production of protein items. A percentage of these is packaged then sold at supermarkets internationally for value. The service of other items happens at the finest chain restaurants abroad.

The ownership of the corporation is private. Sheldon Lavin serves as the CEO thus giving direction. David McDonald is the President of the Group. Presently, OSI carries out its operations in seventeen countries. It also looks forward to expanding its reach.

Additionally, the purchase of the Flagship Europe by the company took place in the year 2016 by the company moved production of condiments, pies and frozen poultry. Through the aid of OSI leadership, the Flagship Europe can take part in the new opportunities across the European continent. It is a similar strategy that OSI has successfully used in both Asia and the United States. The activity recently extended to Germany and Spain.

Additionally, the considerations made alongside the production of local food entails the price point and the ways utilized in sourcing the ingredients. For instance, certain markets could have a preference for organic or natural foods. On the other hand, others may prefer the ones whose prices are more affordable. The secret behind balancing the needs lies within making appropriate choices of food for the relevant market.

Even though the company is quite impersonal, it continually enhances personal connections within their areas of operations. At Illinois, the OSI keeps a beneficial interaction with the Ronald McDonald House together with other important charities including Feeding Africa. The implication, in this case, is that the growth of the firm is connected with some other growth factors in the community. The future of the OSI Group is, therefore, great looking together with that of its employees and customers internationally.

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The Traveling Vineyard Is A Wonderful Way To Make A Living

The Napa Valley is a great place to visit and spend some time with the people that you care about. You will be able to taste lots of great wines while you are there and see other sights too. The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have made their suggestions on the best places to make sure that you see.

The Auberge Spa

For relaxation and pampering, you want to stop into the Auberge Spa. This spa will give you excellent massages and baths. Just let them do their work to make you feel great.

Take In The Napa Art Walk

Taking the Napa Art Walk is fun and exciting. See the great 3-D works that the artists have completed. It will be a couple of hours in the Napa Valley that will be well spent.

Find Time For The Park

What is a better way to spend an afternoon than at the park? Nothing beats having a picnic relaxing. Watch the wildlife and scenery and get in some great pictures while you are there.

A Cooking Class Is Awesome To Do

Stopping in the Silverdale Cooking School for a cooking class will prove to be wonderful. Make some great foods and pair them up with your favorite foods for everyone that you are traveling with.

Get Ready To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

You will be able to apply for the position of Wine Guide with the Traveling Vineyard on their website. You can apply online, and wait to hear from them. Once you get up and started, you will meet some really, nice people. They will all share the love for wines, and they will want to buy from you. You can make a lot of money doing this do be sure to apply as soon as you can. It may be the most enjoyable work you have ever done.

You Will Make Money As A Wine Guide For The Traveling Vineyard

With the Traveling Vineyard, you will make the money that you want. Setting up your own hours will be part of the job. You will get to be your own boss too. For more info about us: click here.

The company makes it very easy for you to get started. You will have the benefit of a social media presence from them. This will help to generate your leads. You can also use the other people in the company for moral support and assistance with any questions that you might have.

How Felipe Montoro Jens has developed the face of the Brazilian Economy

The importance of making concession

The population of Brazil is very high, and it would be hard for the government or the private sectors to go separate ways and remain successful in their plans to succeed in helping the economy. There are areas like telecommunication where privatization is necessary. On the other hand, the government needs to play a crucial role in the participation of the building of the economy. Since the 1930s, the proven ways that have led to the success of the economy is through the partnership between the government and the private sectors. For this reason, Felipe has applauded the government for its plans to involve the National Bank so that the economy can grow. The current focus according to Felipe Montoro Jens should be infrastructure since that is the future of the country.

Felipe’s Expertise

Felipe Montoro Jens holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He equally has another degree in international relations. With these qualifications, Felipe Montoro Jens understands the perfect performance of an economy when the right policies are in place. He has contributed to the growth of several economies, and he is one of the most important people when it comes to policy-making in Brazil. Felipe properly understands the important projects that need to be developed for an effective growth.

Felipe’s achievements

Other than his unprecedented achievement in the academic world, Felipe has other major achievements in the industry. When he was selected to chair the Price Water House Coopers, Felipe led the committee to adopt very crucial decisions that saved the financial conditions. His performance in this position gave him the desire experience and understanding of project developments. Other than in Brazil, Felipe has been instrumental in helping other countries and states come up with better policies that ensure their economic growth.

Eric Lefkofsky – The Jewish Tempus Co-founder and CEO

According to the article in the Forbes, billionaire Eric Lefkofsky created his fortune saving clients’ money on restaurants and travel with the Groupon GRPN +2.91%. He’s the co-founder of the Chicago-based Tempus together with Brad Keywell, which focuses on the use of genomic sequencing in helping doctors in customizing cancer treatments.

Recently, Lefkofsky announced thatTempus had raised 70 million dollars in the company’s series C funding round, which was from the investors New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth. The funding was part of the 130 million dollars raised since Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus in the year 2015. The current fundraising puts Tempus valuation at roughly 700 million dollars.

Keywell and Lefkofsky, who is CEO, have invested in each Tempus fundraising round and remain its biggest individual investors. The previous year, Lefkofsky told the weekly business newspaper, Crain’s Chicago Business, that he was ready to invest up to 100million dollars in the firm. New investors Revolution Growth and NEA have funded companies such as personal genomics company 23andMe (NEA), salad chain Sweetgreen (Revolution), and stock trading app Robinhood funded by NEA.

Tempus uses technology to compile large genomic and clinical data quantities from cancer patients for doctors to use in cancer personalize treatment. Last year, Tempus announced partnerships with the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, among others. Tempus said that it was building the largest library of molecular and clinical data for personalizing and improving cancer care. Lefkofsky said that across healthcare, and in oncology more broadly, datasets had historically been small as well as disorganized. However, technology had created room for new possibilities. For the first time, now it’s possible to amass large amounts of clinical and molecular data and make it benefit patients by putting it to work

Lefkofsky is a Jewish and was raised in Southfield, Michigan. In 1987, He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School. He attended the UMich (University of Michigan), where he graduated with honors in the year 1991. Lefkofsky continued at Michigan Law to earn his Juris Doctor in 1993. He’s on the BOD (board of directors) at the Chicago-based Children’s Memorial Hospital, The (AIC) Art Institute of Chicago, and MSI. He’s also Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Trustee. He serves as co-chairman of World Business Chicago’s Technology Council.